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Who wants a steamy peek inside Varsity Rulebreaker (The Varsity Series, Book 3) by Ginger Scott? We are in love with Cannon and have a hard girl crush on Hollis! This is the final book in a mature YA romance series coming for you in October! Pre-order yours today!
Varsity Rulebreaker (The Varsity Series Book 3) by Ginger Scott
Cover Designer: Ginger Scott
PRE-ORDER Varsity Rulebreaker – https://amzn.to/3bgh7pN
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Cannon twists in his seat, letting go of my hand for a moment while his gaze drifts off into the place where the pavement meets the horizon.
“You deserve to play, Hollis—no. You deserve to start.” He’s so resolute in his words, his mouth closed tight to punctuate the finality of them while he shakes his head. His eyes haze and it’s almost as if he’s playing out an argument with someone else in his head, preparing to defend me.
Before I can talk myself out of it, I lean over the console and press my lips to his cheek, holding his jaw with my hand. His head moves in slow motion, turning to face me, his mouth opening with a faint breath. Our eyes meet briefly, his falling lashes my only clue that his close just before mine. His hand palms my cheek just as his mouth captures my bottom lip, and in a single heartbeat, we’re kissing.
Nothing about the moment is rushed, and every pass of his lips against mine is tender and sweet. Light tastes of my tongue with his are tempered by measured suckles of my top and bottom lips. He takes his time, shifting enough in his seat to steady my head in both of his hands. The way he holds me makes me feel cherished, and this is now one more thing that’s going on my list of things to really, truly adore about Cannon Jennings. 
Varsity Rulebreaker
Book 3 in The Varsity Series by Ginger Scott
Hollis Taylor is allowed to break the rules. She’s coach’s little girl. And she’s good. If that means she gets to bump one of the guys for the starting catcher’s job on the Public High baseball team, then the others on the squad better suck it up and deal.
But breaking rules has taken Cannon Jennings far in life. One of the nation’s top pitching prospects, he came here to throw to his cousin and show college recruiters everything he could do on the mound. Taking his signs from a girl was not part of his blueprint, especially one that screwed over his favorite relative and best friend.
Too bad he broke the biggest rule of all before he knew exactly who she was.
It was just a New Year’s kiss. Totally forgettable. Especially under the circumstances.
So why can’t he stop thinking about it?
This is book 3 in The Varsity Series by Ginger Scott. You can start this series of stand-alone mature YA sports romances now with Varsity Heartbreaker and Varsity Tiebreaker.
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