⭐️ New Release – This Woman by Jodi Ellen Malpas ⭐️

This Woman by Jodi Ellen Malpas is now live!

Jesse Ward has stumbled through life drinking and indulging himself within the rooms of his high-class sex club, The Manor, numbing himself to the pain, grief, and guilt of his wrongs. Pleasure and alcohol are his medicine. Hedonism is all he knows.

It’s how he copes.

How he survives.

Until Ava O’Shea strolls into his office and knocks him back with her breathtaking beauty, ambition, and drive. It only takes one look into her eyes, one touch of her skin, and one word murmured, before his heart is kick-started, offering him something he never thought possible. A distraction from his daily torment. A semblance of peace.

Women never reject Jesse Ward. They fall at his feet, melt from his charismatic, devious smile, and obey his every salacious command. All except the one woman who unwittingly becomes his obsession and the only thing that can keep him from the brink of self-destruction.

He needs Ava and will do anything to have her.

Even hide every last skeleton in his large closet.

Because the truth could destroy them both.

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Narrated by: Shane East

Goodreads: https://bit.ly/3gN3Jia


Jodi Ellen Malpas was born and raised in England, where she lives with her husband, boys and Theo the Doberman. She is a self-professed daydreamer, and has a terrible weak spot for alpha males. Writing powerful love stories with addictive characters has become her passion—a passion she now shares with her devoted readers. She’s a proud #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, a Sunday Times Bestseller, and her work is published in over twenty-five languages across the world. You can learn more about Jodi & her words at www.jodiellenmalpas.co.uk

Connect with Jodi

Website: http://bit.ly/JEMWebsite

Goodreads: http://bit.ly/JEMGoodreads

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Fjw6Cn

Facebook: http://bit.ly/JEMFacebook

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1756448714573353/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jodi_ellen_malpas/

Twitter: http://bit.ly/JEMTwitter

Bookbub: http://bit.ly/JEMBookbub

Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@jodiellenmalpas

*** ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. ***

I’ve been intrigued to read the male POV from this famous series. I haven’t read This Man and I guess I will read it once I’ve read all this series.

Jesse Ward is relentless, tortured, caught in a downard spiral that he never would be espaing; until he met Ava. Someone so far from his world, too young, too innocent that he would do anything to keep her by his side, whatever it takes. Flirting with the danger, knowing that the consequences would lead to his downfall. The range of emotions here was from good to bad and Ava definitely pushed all his buttons. 

When this man met this woman, all bets were off.

I appreciated reading about this character, far from perfect and trying to do better even though it was extreme all the time. From secrets to untruths by omission, it was interesting to see his conflict between the man he becomes and how changed being with Ava was. Living again, feeling more alive than he ever was. Ava becomes vital to the obsession, driving him wild with her reluctance, making him work for it.

The power balance with her making it like a rollercoaster of emotions was insane. They definitely have chemistry, the banter was engaging and this battle of hearts and minds provide a dynamic load of all sorts. Explosive, sensual and carnal. As the story goes, the more they fall hard and the risk of tragedy will be fatal. Ava was someone difficult to discern, and I guess she also had a part of secrets that I can’t wait to read about.

I just felt that some parts (especially towards the ending) were dragged out, mostly when he could have not disclosed certain things. It was kinda predictable but still it was somehow understanding. I’m conflicted about it. However, I liked that the heroine was strong, stubborn and trying so hard not to fall for him but she was already far gone. She was challenging and surprising him in every way. I’m a sucker for tortured heroes and Jess Ward was no exception. Can’t wait to read the tumultuous installment when all the secrets would be revealed and the happy ending of course!


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