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We are thrilled to share Amanda Kelley’s Contemporary Romance from her Worthy Series, Worth Letting Go with you today!

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Book Description:

Harper Davenport is widowed, homeless, and nearly broken.
So, in a moment of bravery—or possibly stupidity—she moves her and her six-year-old son, Greyson, back to the only place that has ever felt like home.
Too bad starting over is exactly as hard as she feared it would be.

The last thing she needs is for Kade Dawson to be her new boss. The man is talented, handsome, and ridiculously magnetic. He draws people in with his looks and hooks them with his personality. Harper is no exception, but she has more than herself to consider.

Kade’s reputation is well earned, but lately, he’s been craving something more.
As soon as Harper walks into his life, he’s captivated. Only…things are complicated.
Despite his desperate attempts to keep things platonic between them, Harper still manages to become the best part of his day.
He just doesn’t know if he can be the man she and Greyson deserve.
Sometimes, falling back into old patterns is easier than taking a chance on something he knows will change everything.

If Kade and Harper can manage to let go of the past, they might just be able to have a future they’ve both only ever dreamed of.

* Books in the Worth series can be read as standalones*



*** ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. ***

A beautiful story of bravery, strength, hope and emotion about two people who had to let go and learnt together in their own way and pace.

Harper Davenport is a fighter, a woman who was struggling to make a better life for her family. 

She was living through the motions, tired and drained with her only ray of sunshine and joy, her son. I’ve been really moved by her story and how she got there, almost reaching rock bottom.

Sometimes I like to think that things are meant to happen. Finding a better job and a stable life, just to breathe a little. One step at the time. It would have been great if her heart was getting the memo. Kade Dawson… the freaking sigh…

A hero who was totally falling for the woman who was supposed to be off limits. A woman and her son who totally won him over. I appreciated how things went naturally, the connection between the main characters and the others.

They fought to pretend the real thing. However the pull and chemistry were too strong to be ignored. Natural and genuine with a strong hint of sexual tension. 

It was a beautiful story about second chances, to rebuild yourself, showing strength and hope. Harper and Kade were such an amazing couple, incredibly sweet and cute with Greyson (Harper’s son) showing some emotional moments at times.

Amanda Kelley is a new author to me and it was a beautiful discovery. 

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Harper’s arms reached around her pillow as she snuggled deeper. The bed was a little on the hard side, but she didn’t care. She’d slept better than she had in months. Burying her nose, she let out a contented sigh. Even the sheets smelled better this morning.
“Mom?” Greyson’s voice was close to her head.
“Morning,” she mumbled, not ready to open her eyes and leave her comfy little nest.
“What are you doing?”
She thought that was pretty obvious, but she answered anyway, “Sleeping.”
“Can I have pancakes?”
“Can you make them?”
Harper opened her mouth to answer, but her bed beat her to it.
“You got it, kid.”
As the deep words rumbled under her head, Harper’s eyes popped wide open, and all traces of sleep vanished. This was not her bedroom, and this was most definitely not her bed.
The events of last night rushed back. The last thing she clearly remembered was the middle of the action movie they’d started after putting Greyson to bed upstairs. Evidently, she’d never made it up to bed, and she was currently still on the couch, practically lying on top of Kade.
Practically, my ass.
She was suctioned to him like an octopus.
Apparently, her subconscious was having as hard of a time with this friends thing as she was. She needed to get a grip.
Quickly untangling herself, she sat up and found Kade smiling at her. His sleepy eyes twinkling.
“Good mornin’.”




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Meet Amanda:


Amanda Kelley was raised in a small town in Wyoming where she met and married her high school sweetheart. Today, they live in Northern Colorado where she is lucky enough to be a stay-at-home mom to two incredible sons. When she’s not attempting to write awesome love stories, she spends her days as an alarm clock, chauffeur, maid, nurse, chef, counselor, cheerleader, referee, finder of shoes and homework, giver of hugs, and pet whisperer. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.




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