⭐️ New release – OUT OF THE BLUE by Kathryn Nolan ⭐️

There was no way I could protect her and my heart at the same time.

Cope McDaniels is known for two things: His cocky charm and his sterling reputation for keeping high-profile clients safe. Until a security job goes bad, and he suddenly finds his career on thin ice. Cope’s newest assignment comes with serious consequences – he’ll keep his job as long as he makes no mistakes.

Cope isn’t worried…until his new client turns out to be a beautiful blast from his past.

Big wave surfer Serena Swift loves the adrenaline of her sport. And the elite athlete hates being told what to do. That goes double when the orders are coming from the sexy bodyguard-in-a-suit who broke her heart.

But she doesn’t have a choice when a mysterious threat materializes and Serena’s sponsor saddles her with the last man she’d want guarding her body. She’d rather focus on her next surf competition, not on some shadowy danger or the arrogant ex who dared to get even hotter since their breakup.

Cope can’t stop butting heads with his new client. Just like old times, Serena refuses to play it safe, even when it’s clear she’s in peril. Now the intimacy of spending every second of the day by her side is wearing away at his self-control. He can’t afford to lose focus, but everything about the woman is a constant distraction.

Including the fact that their divorce was never finalized…

Author’s Note: One-click this scorching-hot bodyguard romance if you’re a fan of second-chance angst, sizzling sexual tension, thrilling action and mysterious danger set on the warm, sunny beaches of San Diego.


Kathryn Nolan writes erotic romance novels and quick-and-dirty novellas. She loves a smart, strong heroine. She likes her heroes filthy-mouthed (and not afraid to bend a little).

And she’s all about that slow-burn sexual tension. When she’s not at her day job (which is top-secret) she enjoys feminism, foreplay and having her nose in a book.
She’s a morning writer, a bike commuter, and the world’s biggest X-Files fan.

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*** ARC kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. ***

There is definitely something about Kathryn Nolan’s stories. A powerful way to draw the reader in. This one was no exception. I freaking loved it!

A story filled with a strong hint of angst and sexual tension. A story that started with an ending but also with a new beginning. Serena and Cope had history, passionate, wild and whirlwind. Until they weren’t. Out of the blue.

A sassy, outspoken and strong woman. A sexy bodyguard, good-hearted and very protective of her. Add some heavy emotional baggage, some action, suspense and I was sold. Totally.
Don’t forget about the steamy parts!!

When they met again four years later, it felt like a crushing wave of emotions beating down on the cliffs and leaving on the surface itself two damaged souls. Two halves who learnt to live without their other part but feeling whole when they were together.

I could totally feel the love in here, the reasons that drift them away and how much they loved each other, they needed to focus on the present and not look backwards. To express their fears, to fully give themselves to the other without holding back.

The author managed to talk about women’s representation in the sport’s world, with a heroine that proved that she could make it, with hard work and perseverance. Incorporating as well other social issues as environmental protection and how important it was to the heroine.

It was also a wonderful immersion into the world of surf showing the beautiful harmony between men and the sea, the magnificence and thrill of surfers out there. But also how dangerous the sea could be as well.

This second chance romance totally melted my heart. I was from the beginning rooting for Serena and Cope, to overcome what brought them to this situation of no return.

Passionate, steamy, intense, sexy and action packed. Right up my alley!


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