⭐️ New Release – HER COMEBACK (Big Sky Cowboys #2) by Lola West ⭐️

HER COMEBACK (Big Sky Cowboys #2) by Lola West
Release Date: October 29th

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Will this rockstar and her stubborn cowboy ride out the storm?

International rockstar, Kat Bennett hasn’t set foot in Conway, Montana in ten years. Truth is, she’s got writer’s block. Her last album was crap and she’s lonely. A stroll down memory lane that reminds her she lost the love of her life isn’t going to solve her problems, but her PR team disagrees.

When Kat left him a decade ago, cowboy Billy Morgan threw himself into his work on the family ranch, and his brothers would say that he hasn’t smiled since. His existence is in a rut, strangled by routine. He works hard, cares for his family and avoids women who want to know what it was like to be Kat’s beau.

Out of nowhere Kat struts back into his life, and the residual attraction is immediate. Will these two stubborn mules continue to carry their rocky history or can they shed their load and reconnect?

In Her Comeback readers happily reunite with the entire Morgan tribe, a tight knit family of ripped and rowdy ranchers. When the Morgan’s get together, shenanigans abound. If this is your first foray into the Big Sky Boys Series … well, howdy and welcome to the family!

Please Note: This IS NOT a standalone. The first half of this couple’s story is the prequel to the Big Sky Cowboy Series and it is available on the author’s website.

About the Author:
Lola West writes short, sweet, smart, silly, sexy romance. With a PhD in women’s studies and a flair for the dramatic, Lola likes to keep it real. Her loves are cotton candy, astronomy, kitten heels and small-town hunks. Lola writes heroes that make you swoon and heroines that talk back. And, she believes that consent is always sexy, even in books.

You can learn more about Lola by visiting lolawestromance.com where there is a FREE BOOK, a prequel to the Big Sky Cowboys Series.


Connect w/Lola:
Website: https://www.lolawestromance.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lolawestromance
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/romance_lola
Instagram: http://instagram.com/lolawestromance
Amazon: https://amzn.to/31KnmRl
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/20629767.Lola_West
Bookbub: bookbub.com/authors/lola-west
Join Lola’s Romance book club: Sugary Sweet & Lots of Heat: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SugarySweetLotsofHeat



The Morgans are definitely endearing and a family you’re getting attached to so easily.

In the Big Cowboys series, the Morgan siblings shared their story, fell in love hard and sometimes with some complications along the way. 

This time, the eldest, Billy would have to face his former soulmate, back in time and into his life. Ten years later, he was still in denial and so adamant about her and trying so hard not to fall again or to let his feelings show.

He was focused on the ranch and his family and always seen like the blue eyed boy who was in love with her and left behind. 

Kat thought she could have it all, a career in music and to be with the love of her life, Billy. Guess she was wrong and those last ten years proved it. When she had to come back to this town, her home, seeing him again brought back every emotion. She never ceased to love him but this older version of the boy she once knew was harder and closed off. 

Well, things were going to be complicated. Awkward and embarrassing, between when the other siblings welcomed her with open arms and the tension with Billy. I enjoyed the dual POV, uncensored and honest, but sometimes jumping to conclusions too easily. But don’t worry, the Morgans knew how to knock some sense into them when needed. Especially Billy.

It was interesting to see if they would let the past define them or make it work this time. 

This was a sweet and short story however I wished for more chapters. I still feel that something is missing. Given their story, I would appreciate an ending more developed.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading it and watching another Morgan falling in love or in that case a second chance at love.


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