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GRIT, an all-new standalone, friends-to-lovers
romance in the 7th and Main series by 
Hunter is

Grit Cover

He’s been patient;
she’s been busy.

Patience is running out.

Melissa Oxford is a widow with a ranch, an orange grove, a goat-obsessed ten-year-old, and not enough time. She doesn’t have time to make friends. She doesn’t have time to
stop and chat, and she definitely does not have time for a boyfriend.

Which is fine, because Cary Nakamura is far from being a boy. Cary’s the man who helped Melissa plant her trees. The friend who keeps offering advice, even when she’s is too stubborn to take it. He’s also the man who kissed Melissa in broad daylight on a sidewalk in Metlin, California, smack in the face of God and everyone.

But while Melissa may spend a little too long dreaming about Cary from a distance, she knows the kind of passion he promises is more than she can handle.

She just doesn’t have the time.

But sometimes, no matter how busy you are, life makes you stop. It pulls you up short and makes you see things a little more clearly. Things like… 

The people you can count on.

The dreams you keep pushing away.

And the passion that can’t be denied.

GRIT is a stand-alone, friends-to-lovers romance in the Love Stories on 7th and Main series by Elizabeth Hunter, author of INK.


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About Elizabeth

ELIZABETH HUNTER is a USA Today bestselling contemporary fantasy, romance, and paranormal mystery author. She is a graduate of the University of Houston Honors College and a former English teacher. She once substitute taught a kindergarten class, but decided that middle school was far less frightening. She’s the author of the Elemental Mysteries, the Irin Chronicles, and the Cambio Springs Mysteries.

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*** ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review ***

I do like a friends to lovers story and this one didn’t disappoint.

Cary and Melissa shared more than friendly feelings, best friends for sure, being there for the other, went through a lot together, in the good and bad times. When you read about these two, you could feel the sparks but they just needed a little push and mostly a determined man to win Melissa over.

I’ve been moved by her story, a widow who had to raise a ten yo daughter and running her farm altogether. A fierce woman who didn’t know how to ask for help, who used to manage everything on her own and mostly who tried so hard to hide her feelings for her sexy silver fox – climber in his free time neighbor who would do anything for her.

Cary was a patient man who also knew hard work, running a farm as well. Melissa was driving him crazy in every way, her strong personality and her insecurities. He was definitely the man for the job, the one who could share her burden, upfront about his feelings (even if she was trying so hard to ignore this intense connection). 

There’s a thin line between best friends to lovers, and they did an incredible job to bring the heat until they couldn’t handle it. A slow burn that was so delightfully steamy, taking its time to strengthen the foundations, to finally take a step for love, to let it go and not living in fear.

Their passionate interactions made me smile so freaking hard, from arguing to making love, sweet and tender as well.

I’ve been once again charmed by the author’s description of the scenery places, showing the hard work of farmers and the strong bonds in this community. A love story that I adored to read with characters we met from the beginning and finding their way to each other.




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