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Lovestrung. A period of time during which love is pursued but cannot be caught. Results in pining, angst, and a broken heart. 

Penelope “Pippa” Montgomery is lovestrung. Her condition started thirteen years ago, when Ethan Collins came to live with her family. She was only ten, and didn’t understand what romantic love was, but she knew Ethan made her feel special.

They grew close as friends, while Pen yearned for Ethan’s attention and his love, only he never treated her as girlfriend material.

After returning home from a year of world-travel, Pen is reacquainted with Ethan. He’s still kind, gorgeous, and about to start his career as a veterinarian. Pen’s suppressed feelings for sexy Ethan want to make themselves known and he seems to notice she’s not a little girl anymore. In fact, he’s known that for quite some time, but he had his reasons for keeping his distance.

Can Penelope find the courage to tell Ethan how she feels about him, and will she finally break the lovestrung streak and find happiness?

There’s only one way to find out.






Anglophile and bookaholic Karen Ferry is a native of Denmark who loves Italian food, travelling, and spending time with her cool husband and active children. When she’s not busy working in the shipping industry, she dives into New Adult, Contemporary Romance, and Romantic Suspense – the same genres she loves to write.

She can never get enough of romance or collect too many book boyfriends, either.

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*** ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***

Lovestrung made me smile so freaking hard. I was expecting something light-hearted and so swoony but damn it was more. Like the feeling butterflies and all the things in between.

Pippa and Ethan… the freaking sigh! The author wrote such a beautiful story when you understood what it feels like to finally know what love is, about two people who had found each other so many years ago but never acting on it, especially on Ethan’s part.

From the moment they met, I could feel the attraction, connection and I adored the few glimpses of their part leading them right now, when adults they couldn’t fight about their feelings anymore. What drove me utterly crazy was all the unsaid things and how it would be something that might tore them apart.

The banter was smoking hot, foreplay on point, going from sugary sweet to explosive in a few seconds. So natural and engaging. I was afraid to see a heroine so in love and feeling like it was unrequited, to see someone a bit overshadowed by the hero charisma. And it wasn’t.

Pippa was so vibrant, enthusiastic and passionate and could definitely stand on her own. Trying to find her own way and place in this big world. She was such a beautiful surprise here. The kind of girl you want to be friend with. The thing is, being in love with her best friend might be her undoing. She didn’t seem desperate through. She was going to move on and following her dreams. I liked it a lot.

And Ethan… oh my! He made me swoon a lot. I appreciated his personality, a complex man who suffered and learning to protect himself after witnessing abuse in his childhood. I totally understood his choice for not letting Pippa go in the first place, giving her a chance to be herself, even if he had to break her heart. And when he was expressing his feelings, I was a bit speechless here, words that went straight to my heart. A romantic with a very naughty side. Just my kind of favorite fictional character. So damn sexy!

Their chemistry was so well written, electric love with this hint of tenderness that melt my heart. I appreciated that the characters had their own lives and having their own experiences before getting there, with great characters depths, finding their way as a couple but also as individuals. It was a bit more than meet the eye and I loved it.

Reading their story made me feel good and so happy. Of course, they drove me insane sometimes but it had the right amount of angst and drama, when they had to learn from each other, to trust each other. They might not be perfect and I was great to see them learning from their mistakes, continually moving on instead of dwelling on the past.

I’ve been rooting for them from the beginning! The ending was just so swoony and would definitely give you a toothache but I wouldn’t change it. Like a modern fairytale with a twist, romantic, sweet and so many things.

And I’m still smiling… just saying!




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