⭐️ Review – Strictly Professional by Kathryn Nolan ⭐️



Roxy Quinn thought she’d never see Edward Cavendish III again. The wealthy, English hotelier had wandered into her tattoo parlor, slightly drunk and broken-hearted. Roxy judged him on the spot: too polite and reserved for her punk-rock tastes. But Edward was more than just a handsome stranger with a sexy accent.

He was a man desperate to unleash his secret desires. After a night of exquisite passion, Roxy sends Edward back into the night. She has no time to be tempted by his charming wit when her business is failing and she’s struggling with her MBA classes. Besides, they couldn’t be more wrong for each other.

After a lifetime trapped in his parents’ legacy, Edward remembers his night with the tattooed, scowling vixen as glorious freedom. But it’s not freedom he needs now. It’s to find the right wife so he can finally take charge of the hotel he loves. Roxy, with her ripped stockings and secret piercings, is not the kind of wife that would fulfill the terms of his trust fund.

Months after their memorable one-night stand, Edward and Roxy are paired up in a business school mentoring program where they must maintain a strictly professional relationship for the semester.

With the future of Roxy’s business and Edward’s inheritance at stake, can they do it? Or will they surrender to their desires, risking everything?


Amazon US:  https://amzn.to/2xzwrNB


Kathryn Nolan writes erotic romance novels and quick-and-dirty novellas. She loves a smart, strong heroine. She likes her heroes filthy-mouthed (and not afraid to bend a little).

And she’s all about that slow-burn sexual tension. When she’s not at her day job (which is top-secret) she enjoys feminism, foreplay and having her nose in a book.
She’s a morning writer, a bike commuter, and the world’s biggest X-Files fan.


*** ARC kindly provided by the author for an honest review. ***

When opposites attracts and ignite what happens? A chemistry bomb, passionate, sensual and incredibly hot. And so much more.

I’ve been always drawn to the excitement of a first encounter in a story. It’s to me a catalyst of making me embark in the main characters’ journey.

Edward Cavendish III and Roxy Quinn made quite the impression.

How two strangers who shared a memorable one night stand turned it into something more. You can write all the steamy and hot scenes in the world but you can’t lie about the chemistry. The author conveyed emotions to another level, making you feel the emotional depths of the characters so beautifully.

I’ve been transported into Edward and Roxy’s journey. As much different they were, from their lifestyle and families, I adored how complementary and also really similar in their dreams.

Edward never knew how to love.

Raised to follow the legacy and turning his relationships into a business transaction but craving something deeper. I guess readers can definitely relate to some of their issues, and somehow it resonated with me.

Roxy awoke something buried inside Edward. Once they crossed the line, there was no turning back. She is a firecracker, strong and confident. Making Edward seeing things in a different way.

Somehow they met halfway when they could surrender to their desires and feel free. When they did, it was just spectacular. Those moments of intensity gave so much weight to their story and they just took my breath away.

I couldn’t put it down. That just went straight to my heart.  Oh my…


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