⭐️ Review – The Perfect Couple (Kindle Worlds Novella) By Ginger Scott ⭐️

The Perfect Couple

Passion, Vows & Babies: The Perfect Couple (Kindle Worlds Novella) By Ginger Scott

The perfect couple.

Nicole Laramie and Chase Pennington would forever be called that in their

home town of Rider Springs. Chase’s grandmother, Evelyn, thought her neighbors’ only daughter and her grandson were made for each other ever
since the two of them were kids.

When Chase climbed a tree, Nicole climbed it higher.

When Nicole fell from her ten-speed and skinned her knee, Chase carried her home.

And when Chase took the field for Little League, Nicole cheered the loudest.


Until they were strangers.

While Chase climbed the social ladder in high school, Nicole climbed the

academic one. Two best friends became enemies. And when the senior class
voted them MOST PERFECT COUPLE in the yearbook, it was meant as a joke.

Only Evelyn, she never thought it was funny. She thought it was fate. And
she was willing to wait 10 years just to prove she was right.


*** ARC kindly provided  by the author for an honest review. ***


I do like surprises. When Ginger Scott came out with a novella entitled ‘The Perfect Couple’, I had to read it. 

How about a story about best friends who along the way became strangers? It needed one moment to bring them back together again. Maybe a sadness one for sure. What if these two were meant to be? If you look closer, everything was reunited to be that perfect couple but never happened.

Reading about how Chase and Nicole grown up after all these years, taking a trip back to their childhood, to the happiest times they shared and how they went to best friends to strangers, just one person as a bound and old memories, was heartwarming, sweet and moving.

I loved how in spite all these years apart, their relationship never ended, through all the ups and downs. I read their journey with a smile on my face, waiting for the moment where they would both realized that they belonged together. I was so rooting for these two. Damn if my heart wasn’t melting… and I didn’t want it to end.

Swoon…and it was only the beginning of their story. 





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