⭐️ Review – Traitor by Alyson Santos ⭐️




TRAITOR, a standalone romantic suspense.

They may be refugees but Andie Sorenson never chose to flee when government forces abduct her to the “safety” of a military-operated compound. Caught in an ugly civil war no one understands, she’s now a number, a uniform, her future reduced to three stale meals a day with the strangers who share her fate. She’s nothing, no one—until a random act of kindness and an electric smile turn her prison into a refuge.

It’s his eyes, his heart, his beautiful soul drowning in an ocean of secrets. Lance Corporal Kaleb Novelli is an enigma, but with each plunge through another layer, Andie finds herself captured in a way she never imagined. She knows they have no future. They can’t even have a present, but that doesn’t stop her heart from committing to a man she can never have. The only one she trusts in this battle of lies and manipulation.

But they’ve found their paradise in hell, and she can’t shake the feeling that Kaleb Novelli is not just a player. He’s the game.


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*** ARC kindly provided by the author for an honest review. ***

When I read the blurb, I didn’t know what to expect. I started it and I couldn’t put it down. Suspenseful and utterly captivating, I was hooked until the end.

Alyson Santos is the kind of author who can switch genres, writing rockstar romances with interesting and developed characters from stories like Traitor, an anticipated novel with a twist of suspense and romance.

I was intrigued by this story between Andie and Kaleb, two people thrown into a war between the rebels and the civilians who were abducted, separated from their families and the military. This part was just the tip of the iceberg, as the story unfold, the issue is so much bigger than this, a war where both may not left unscathed.

The moment Andie Sorensen were taken to some compound, her life is going to change. Maybe not for the best. Separated from her mother, she had to survive everyday, living drastically. Her world may be dark but she could always see the bright side of things. Curious and too nosy for her own good, she relied on facts.

Now she became Kaleb Novelli’s assistant, helping him ordering some files. Someone who was showing kindness in these darkest times, and showing interest as an individual, but seemed like a tormented and tortured soul. A man with scars, who were hiding some secrets on his own.

Their two worlds collided and for once, there was hope found.

But is there a chance to have a life? To find happiness?

What is the purpose of this war?

As their relationship growing from friendship to something more, the more appearances were deceiving, lies and deceit were constantly being their reality, was there still a chance for hope and love? Were they just pawns, in a game that went beyond what they were just expecting.

I really enjoyed the turning events of the storyline, navigating through deep waters and where every move was calculated leading to the awful truth and purpose of this civil war.

The author knew where to lead the readers, slowly weaving her way and driving me a bit insane at times, feeling oppressed and frustrated because I was in a mission to find the truth and until the end, the suspense was still tangible.

When it came to an end, I felt like I was breathing again, feeling free. Besides the world where they came from, the message of hope and love was powerful. Even in the darkness, you’ll find the light if you fight for it.

Traitor was just something so different but at the same time very rooted in reality. Just a bit frightening.


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