⭐️Release Day – Choosing Forever by Mia Kayla⭐️


Choosing Forever (Torn Duet #2) by Mia Kayla

Cover Design: Perfect Pear Creative Covers

Release Date: February 13, 2017


Life is made up of choices.
Single choices like bricks laid out in a path. A path that leads to your future.

At twenty four years old, I would have never guessed I would be stuck between two men—two men from opposite spectrums of the universe.
Their lives, their worlds, their demeanor is as different as the darkest of nights and the lightest of days.

I love them both, but I have to choose.
There is only one choice I can make.
And I choose forever.


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Torn Between Two (Torn Duet #1)


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About the Author

Mia Kayla is a New Adult/Contemporary Romance writer who lives in Illinois.

Most of the time, she can be caught on the train with her nose in a book sporting a cheeky grin because the main characters finally get their happily-ever-after at the end.

She loves reading about happy endings but has more fun writing them.

Connect with Mia

Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/b91btT

Website: http://bit.ly/2jnGgFA

Facebook Author Page: http://bit.ly/2a1nfnv

Facebook Group: http://bit.ly/2alzxsN

Instagram: http://bit.ly/2jnAzav

Twitter: http://bit.ly/2jAfXuV

Goodreads Author Page: http://bit.ly/2jIbURw

Amazon Author Page: http://amzn.to/2iopiIt

BookBub Author Page: http://bit.ly/2jbzV2l



I was waiting this book with such eagerness. The first book, Torn Between Two literally swept off my feet. A story about a woman, torn about her love for two men, torn about the choices she had to make.

I had a certain idea about how things were turning out. As the story unfolds, I wasn’t expecting this. I was knocked over. Damn my heart, I didn’t know if I was going to lose my mind, my emotions were all over the place.

I was fully invested in this story. With all my heart. How a book can make you feel it so much? The pain was sometimes unbearable, almost real. The words were powerful, bringing emotions into life.

It was time for Sam to choose.

Hawke or Josh?? It was overwhelming, whirlwind, making my heart race. I was addicted. Sam’s choices drove me at times mental, alternating with joy and sadness then heartbreak.

I was seeing some characters in a new light, like the fog of love I was into disappear. Sometimes in love you want to see the good in people, but is Sam going to heal the darkness of Hawke soul?

She was the one who could see past his rockstar status, the real him, with some heavy baggage. But if all she experienced was just a dream, a fantasy?

Was Josh the one? This honesty and forwardness moved me, his love for Sam is kind of one you have once in a lifetime. Something real. The kind of one that lasts. I didn’t know how many times I swooned over Josh, how for once he wanted to fight and not letting a rockstar taking way the only woman who held his heart.

I totally get it, how you can love two people at the same time.

Once again I was torn like Sam. The more I read, the more I was wondering where the author would lead us.  I might not be agree with some parts of the book but I knew it was necessary. I watched the characters growing, and learning from their past mistakes. They matured.

Fighting for their love so fiercely, intensely and passionately.

Trust me Mia Kayla made me work for it. The price of happiness is a long road, with in between a lot of hardships to overcome. But if you follow your heart, you know that you are in the right way.

Everything happens for a reason and when you read Choosing Forever you know why.

I won’t tell you the issue of this story. It’s a journey you have to discover by yourself, because life is just like that, ups and downs bumping in the way, definitely not a straight path. Just worth it. I fell in love with these characters who completely captured my heart. And I definitely choose Forever. Without hesitation!

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