⭐️ Blog Tour * review – Anything But Love (Wingmen,#3) by Daisy Prescott ⭐️


ANYTHING BUT LOVE (Wingmen, #3)  by Daisy Prescott is LIVE!
A romantic comedy you can’t miss!
Book Blurb:

Another wingman bites the dust in this enemies to lovers story…

For the past year, I’ve been working my butt off to start my own coffee company on Whidbey.

A weekend in Cabo with sun, tiny bikinis, and vacation hook-ups is exactly the kind of tension relief I need.

What I don’t need is a bruised jaw, having to bribe my way out of jail, a hellion set on ruining my life, and my mother seeing a picture of my assets on “The Twitter.”

Caribou Caldwell is my worst nightmare.

Unfortunately, she’s also the star of my sexiest dreams.

What happens when a small town guy becomes the focus of a million fantasies? As Erik Kelso navigates his sudden notoriety, will his feelings for Cari turn out to be anything but love?

Anything but Love is the third book in the Wingmen series, a spin off of Modern LoveStories. Like all Wingmen books, it can be read as a standalone romantic comedy.



USA Today Bestselling author Daisy Prescott lives in a real life Stars Hollow in the Boston suburbs with her husband and an indeterminate number of imaginary house goats. When not writing about people falling in love, she can be found traveling, gardening, baking, and reading a good book. Her novels include the Modern LoveStories series, the Wingmen series, and several short stories. She’s also working on expanding the world of Bewitched this fall.


Website: http://www.daisyprescott.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daisyprescottauthorpage

Twitter: https://twitter.com/daisy_prescott

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/daisyprescottauthor

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/daisyprescott/

Amazon:   http://amzn.to/1TIVUHO

Newsletter: eepurl.com/xhXb5

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Daisy Prescott’s Wingmen series is one of my favorite romantic comedies series, she wrote about my favorite lumberjack ever John Day, so I can’t thank her enough for bringing the guy. So after the broody, romantic and smoking hot John Day and the former Tom Cat, here’s another Wingman story, meeting his match but also his worse favorite nightmare …

Through the excesses of social media, cougars stalking and also involving some good coffee beans stuff, Erik Kelso found love and it wasn’t self evident.

When I read the first sentence of the blurb, “Another Wingman bites the dust …”; I had first Queen’s song on repeat in my head and then when I read the book, it totally makes sense!!

How a guy from a quiet island, owner of a coffee shop became a star thanks to his buns??Social media of course!! A weekend far away to have some fun turned into a nightmare!

Enlight1 (8)

I laughed so hard about Erik’s crazy sudden notoriety, even if sometimes it was totally insane. Once again, the drama here turned into something very hilarious and sarcastic. And I had so much fun.

In all this freaking mess, our Wingman found his match, and it was delightful. Through crazy horny stalkers and cougars, Erik managed to get a girl but damn it wasn’t set in stone, because when he and Caribou met, I can say that it was a festival of fireworks, not of love, more than hate sex!

Enlight1 (7)

Once these two met, I was so curious of their journey, how these two could fit into this circus? Daisy Prescott nailed it! It was tremendous from the beginning until the end!

Enlight1 (6)

A perfect tempo, even if Erik and Caribou were like oil and water, you couldn’t deny this sexual tense vibes … Smoking hot!

Once again, I was so thrilled to see another Wingman bites the dust and falling in love.

Another hit with this romantic and hilarious romance!
Well Daisy, you never cease to amaze me.  Can I say once again that this bearded man makes me swoon??? I need to move to their Island, really!!!
Ps: I lost count of the words “ass” and “butts”, and I wasn’t complaining at all!

Damn the men butts … I meant buns!!!

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