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Title: Unexpected Reality 
Author: Kaylee Ryan
Genre: New Adult Romance
 Release Date: July 12, 2016



Expect the unexpected. That’s what they say, but it’s easier said than done.

How do you expect a change so huge it rocks you to your core?
How do you prepare yourself for an event that will alter your life forever?

One breath
One second
One minute
One hour
One day at a time, you learn to live with your unexpected reality.

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Author Bio

Ryan has had a passion for reading since she was a little girl. That passion
has slowly led to spinning romantic tales, and a one-click addiction. When she
doesn’t have her nose stuck in her kindle or fingers glued to the keyboard, you
can find Kaylee hanging out with friends and family. She loves all genres of
music, and enjoys scrapbooking. She lives in Ohio with her husband (her real life
happily ever after) and their rambunctious little boy.

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As I said before, I read this book more than once. Ridge and Kendall’s story really got me, I was moved by how these two people could connect that way, through the unexpected, the curves sending in their way. Though the good and the bad times.

This book totally took me by surprise. I was sold by the cover, and then the blurb, a promising read to come. It goes beyond my expectations, Kaylee Ryan’s writing was such a beautiful work, telling us the story, about life and how unexpected it could be, and even in the darkest and tough times, you’d find some hope, strength and when something good happens, you have to seize the chance and to work for it.

This review would sound a little too vague for you, but you should really give a try and let you overwhelmed by this rush of emotion, making you ache but at the same time warm your heart.

Ridge and Kendall went through a lot in their lives. For one being a single dad, and giving all his love to his child completely made me freaking swoon (Not only and mostly **Ovaries explosions**), and what about the other woman who will catch his heart? Well, it’s far from easy at first. Kendall was the kind of heroine I really love. Heart of gold, caring, sassy and totally strong. She was definitely a great match. But was Ridge ready to open his heart?

The author settled high standards! This story about unexpected events was magnificent, from the beginning until the end. The feelings were overwhelming, heartwarming and I was more than happy to let myself submerge into this flow. Just go with it and let this story makes you feel.

I loved how effortless and simply it was to be caught into their story. I didn’t say that it wasn’t challenging of course, but it was so natural and not forced. And I loved it. I flowed it, totally captured and in awe by Kaylee Ryan’s words.

Just expect the unexpected …

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