⭐️ Release Blitz * Review – Tapping Her (Billionaire Bad Boys, #1.5) by Max Monroe ⭐️



Disclaimer: Max & Monroe (collectively, “Max Monroe”) shall not be held liable (whether under fictional contract or pretend tort) for:

  1. personal injuries that may occur while reading that are due to laughing too hard. This includes and is not limited to: falling out of bed, hitting your spouse in the face with your kindle, going into labor while laughing, etc.
  2. book hangovers
  3. feelings of impatience after finishing Tapping Her and while waiting for Banking the Billionaire to release in July




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I thought the first one was over the top, but with Cassie and Thatch, NO ONE I repeat NO ONE is safe!!!

This novella was once again an crazy adventure, with newlyweds who tried to enjoy their honeymoon and their best friends in charge of the infamous Walter … their cat!!

As you might guess, nothing went as planned.

What about Cassie and Thatch? Two people with no filter at all! Being in their minds was priceless. It was like looking in a mirror. And it was frightening and hilarious at the same time!

I really liked to see how alike they were, and despite their no shame, straightforward attitude, these two knew well how to guard their hearts but their bodies? That’s definitely another story!

Put these two in a room, and be prepared for some freaking explosions! I had so much fun to see Cassie and Thatch teamed up for a cat, but it was not just an animal, this one was acting like a human and it was so well integrated into the story. There was some craziness in the air and I loved it! Just sizzling!

I fell for the witty and quirky banter, the sparkling chemistry, the sarcasm, dirty talks and Walter! I couldn’t put it down and I was laughing so hard, stunned by these authors’ creativity, to create this amazing series, with such memorable characters; each one had his time to shine, never overstepping on the other. And it was brilliantly orchestrated.

This novella was a really great premise for Cassie and Thatch’s story, with an hint of the upcoming book’s mood. A wild and a very promising romance to come.

I’m up for the challenge and I can’t wait for the next one! As I said before, I’d definitely Thatch that!!!


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