⭐️ Release Blitz * Excerpt * Review * Come To Me by Mary Catherine Gebhard ⭐️

Title: Come To Me
Series: Owned #3
Author: Mary Catherine Gebhard
Release Date: May 26, 2016

What happens after the happily ever after?

Is it really sunshine and roses?

For Vic Wall, the moon is rising and the roses are wilting.

Turns out the princess has a mental illness.Lennox Moore is in his blood and bones,

But sometimes blood goes bad and bones break.

Vic wants to fix them,

Is determined to find what turned their love cancer.

Yet maybe the only way to continue,

Is to end.

This is the epic final installment to the Owned series.

Warning: Sometimes people are ugly and what they do even uglier, even to the ones they love.

Sure, I loved the feeling when she came over my hand. I loved how wet she got and I loved knowing that it was me who got her there. I loved the sounds she made. I loved how she let loose and couldn’t contain herself and it made me feel like a fucking god knowing I undid her like that. Still, nothing got me higher than her look. 
There was a moment when Lenny came. A brief, few seconds when I could see inside her. Right before her eyes rolled back, a few seconds before she got that blurry, starry-eyed gaze, I saw her soul. 
I gripped her chin, forced her gaze, and though she fought it, I could see it coming as quickly as she was. Lenny took her lip between her teeth and as her orgasm washed over her, so did she let me see into her soul.
Mary Catherine Gebhard bites off more than she can chew and sometimes calls herself Eva Natsumi. She’s lived in Salt Lake City, Utah her entire life, but occasionally goes on vacation from reality. Don’t worry, she sends postcards.

‘Come to Me’ was freaking festival of fireworks. Mary Catherine Gebhard really made a great parallel between Vic and Lennox’s relationship and how was told the story.

It was all over the place. It was challenging, violent and very twisted. Reading it through Vic’s POV was so much interesting, showing how deeply and unconditionally he loved Lennox, in their twisted way – due to their constant issues; lies, Lennox’s disease, Vic’s past and job.

In the first book, you didn’t know much about Vic and it was well balanced with the first one – part of his childhood, his job at GEM and connexion with his “brothers”.

Vic and Lennox needed to go through Hell in order to rise from the ashes. They needed more than a fresh start, without all the crap. But how could they survive to this bag of bones? Is it too late for their happy ending?

It was a complete mess, with the two of them, so dependent to each other, fighting when they were together and getting miserable. Alone, it was worse and they weren’t themselves, just a piece of a body with no soul. They were destructive together with a constant battle against themselves but also in their relationship.

They weren’t gentle, no flower and chocolate, just violence and tortured passion. And I was entranced.

I was scared of the storyline, from the beginning I was kind of holding my breath, with all the possibilities ahead me : happy of tearjerking? Honestly? Both. The author really messed with my heart and emotions.

But hopefully, I’ve got some sweetness and I liked it, this ending was so like them. They started true to themselves, even if the road was full of pitfalls.After all this tsunami of emotion, a little bit of lightness in their world of heavies was necessary. The love they felt for each other got me, straight to the guts and to the heart.

Everything was happening at a frenetic pace, Vic and Lenny captured my heart. Mary Catherine managed to make story come alive and also to make a point about mental illness, fighting against demons, being “normal”. It was told in a disconcerting reality. Very frightening.
And the sex, so damn not and dark!

This book had to be all over the place, explosive, nuclear like Vic and Lennox. That’s how I pictured them and I wasn’t disappointed. But damn I needed a drink after reading it! Their story was a shot of adrenaline and I was addicted!


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