⭐️ Review * Fool For Love (Believe #2) by Karen Ferry ⭐️




What do you do when everything you thought you knew about yourself turns out to be a lie, forcing you to re-evaluate your life?

Do you face them?
Or do you run?

My name is Suzy. I am the girl who has always believed in fairytales, unicorns, and that wishing upon a shooting star would make all my dreams come true.
I have always had faith that I would find my very own Prince Charming. I have always been certain that we all have a soul mate…that we will find our true love someday, and that we must never give up.

But not that long ago, I started to wonder…

What if my Prince is in fact…a Princess?

Why is it so hard to be seen for who I am?
Love is love, isn’t it?

I have started to lose faith in my once so adamant beliefs: where is my one? Where is the person who will be able to restore my faith in the fairy-tale and the happy-ever-afters?

Is New York the right place for someone like me? Or will she squish me like a small, insignificant bug beneath her feet?

Only time will tell.

***While this is book #2 in The Believe Series, it can be read as a standalone novel. Due to the sexual nature and subjects addressed, it is not appropriate for readers under the age of 18.***



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You can find Karen here :

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorkarenferry?ref=hl

Twitter: https://twitter.com/authorkarenferr

Instagram: @authorkarenferry



Make Me Believe (Believe #1)

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** I was given an ARC for an honest review **

Sometimes, you love an author and you’re so eager to read the next book, you’re waiting for the next one, and then once you’ve got it … Mind-blowing!!! Garrett and Suzy’s story exceeded my expectations. Just like that.
This is how I love my Romance novels : true, kind and passionate.

First of all, the characters felt realistic, authentic with no pretenses, they didn’t beat around the bush : when they argued, when they loved, when they hurt, I felt it all.

Suzy was definitely my hero here; sweet on this outside but such a firecracker on the inside; don’t let this woman fool you; she could bite!
She was not afraid to show her true amazing colors, searching for her HEA, even if she was kinda lost in her life. New York seemed the place to start something new, away from all this mess … Until an misunderstanding called Garrett came along in her life.


Her fierceness, braveness and sensitive side moved me. She was a force of nature!
I think Karen Ferry ruined me for another book boyfriend … Ladies be prepared for some heat, because Garrett is the epitome of sexiness and dominance! I was mesmerized by this character. Living in the dark for more than a decade, meeting Suzy was the breath, the light he wasn’t expected and deserved.

Troubled and smitten from the moment he laid eyes on the sweet and innocent Suzy, he was trying to stay away from her, not to taint her by his darkness. Rough, stubborn and honest but always recognizing when he was wrong. Garrett is the man!

The two of them together … Explosive, challenging and sensual! I really enjoyed the duality in their relationship, never taking anything for granted. First starting for a physical relationship for Garrett, and by the way was such a fool sometimes, stubborn caveman!

Suzy on the contrary was for the long haul, even if sometimes, Garrett reaction’s broke my heart, his ways to push her away, in his constant auto protective mode.

Sometimes, I want to believe in HEA, and each time Karen Ferry did it. Writing stories with centered characters in a very introspective way with this little spark that made this book special to me. My love for these characters grew throughout the story. A beautiful tale about love, forgiveness, against all odds, breaking down the barriers.
One of my best reads for 2016.


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