⭐️ Review * FU Cancer by Hilaria Alexander ⭐️



Synopsis :

Lucy has always been a good girl. The most hardcore thing she’s done in her life was falling for a divorced man ten years her senior.
But he was the love of her life and she married him. When her Peter Pan of a husband decided to divorce her, she thought it was her chance to start anew. That was until she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Besides looking like Britney circa 2007, she is taking it well, real well. You might see her walk around the hospital during chemo sessions with bright colored wigs and outrageous t-shirts that seem to shock the most conservative employees. One of them reads FU CANCER.


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This book is one of the first ones I read this year and if I read it last year, it would be on my favorite reads for 2015!

Why I haven’t read this story sooner? I don’t know, maybe the word “cancer”?

Don’t let the word mislead you, because it was told in a way without the ugly cry you’re expecting. This book is so different and so unique, just a way to speak about it with sensitivity, bluntness through the stages of the heroine’s cancer.

Lucy’s world stumbled apart when she learnt about her cancer. A good girl,a good wife, a divorce and then CANCER.

How is she going to tell her family about it? First how is she going to handle it? There’s no right way to do it properly. Honestly, I was trying to be in her shoes and I can’t ever imagine a possibility of an uncertain future. A lot of emotions went through my mind, stress, pain, fear, denial, …

But Lucy was trying to kick cancer’s ass and not to let herself drown, thanks to her friends and family. Her sarcastic and witty personality made her so endearing. Just my kind of girl!

Well, well, what about an handsome doctor to make things more … Interesting? I was trying to figure out how their story is gonna fit. And Bam it was love at first sight.

Brandon is a oncologist not Lucy’s but for the first time he saw her; he was mesmerized. Trying not to be involved with her, he couldn’t help his constant need to be near this woman who wore colorful wigs. I love every side of Brandon, and for once in his life he wanted something more, but with Lucy’s situation it could be complicated. How to find his place in her life?

I read it in one sitting, feeling all of it, from the better times though the bad ones. The story was just brilliant, a different approach about cancer. For sure everything’s not perfect but damn Hilaria Alexander got me here.

The author knew how to mix humor, sarcasm and some emotional moments that would make you swoon, laugh and cry.

Highly recommended!!

*** My rating ***

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