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Jay is anything but a conventional girl. She is all about the lighter things in life; laughter, sarcasm, unattached relationships that only last for a night, anything that doesn’t deal with those pesky things called feelings. Her personal examples of love have jaded her, leaving Jay with nothing but a fear of commitment.. She’s never considered breaking out of her comfort zone and letting herself feel for anyone, until Hunter complicated everything. He’s relentless, he’s sexy, he’s everything to her.
After a major loss Hunter changed his perspective on life, refusing to let his grief take over. He takes life by the balls and never hesitates to go after what he wants; including Jayden Rae, the most stubborn, hard headed, and beautiful woman he’s ever met. He’s determined to prove to her that what they have is worth the risk, no matter what it might cost.
But, what happens when there’s another force working against them, causing the already shaky foundation to crumble? There’s one thing that’s for sure, whatever the outcome, it’s bound to be unconventional.

The Limitless Series is a standalone series. Each book can be read as a standalone but is encouraged to read them in order for the best experience.


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About the Author:Danielle Ione Author Photo

I’m a mama of an amazing set of twins, and a wife to a pretty cool dude. I live off of coffee, books, and sarcasm. I mean, there’s no other way to live, is there? I’m not a romantic person, not really anyway. So I always find it humorous that I only read and write romance, as if it were ingrained in me. My addiction to reading turned into a love for writing. And in all reality, writing is what keeps me sane. Any spare moment I have in my entirely too crazy life, I spend spilling the words from my head onto paper.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/danielleioneauthor

Twitter : https://twitter.com/daniellewritess

GR : https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/13575586.Danielle_Ione

WordPress : https://danielleionewrites.wordpress.com/


** I was given a copy by the author via Be My Book Boyfriend for an honest review. **

I love unconventional stories and this book was right up my alley!

Hot, with a witty and sarcastic banter, Hunter and Jay won me over.

From laughter to tears, I enjoyed this unconventional story. A spitfire woman, stubborn and with no string attached met a man who isn’t afraid to go what he wants! Explosion of fireworks! Banter off the charts, sarcasm at its best!

Jay, you’re my girl! The happy, confident side hides some deep scars, so afraid to reveal the truth to her best friend. With Jay, I went through a range of emotion, conflicted battle of feelings. Hunter is breaking her walls, so fast, turning her world upside down. I can relate to the reasons that led her to protect her heart, not to rely on someone, because people always leave isn’t it?

Hunter … Le sigh! Everything in this guy is appealing, his charisma, magnetism, he can be hot tempered at times. He learnt to live his life entirely, not wasting time. As Jay, he knows well how to hide his scars, but with her, he’s willing to share it all. The real him. His craziness and bluntness could be disarming but he has his ways and damn he was good.

I felt the characters’ connexion, completely captivated. The author has a way to describe emotions and I was feeling it!Just mesmerizing. There was such intensity and fire emanating from Hunter and Jay. From the first look, first time, you knew for sure that them would end together no matter what.

Life is crazy sometimes and these two went from friends flirting a lot to so much more! But strangely it worked perfectly. A bubble of happiness. They had to overcome some obstacles from especially Jay, and Hunter has to work hard to maintain a balance. But when Jay’s secrets come out, is he willing to get over it?

Hunter’s issues with secrets was what destroyed him before and he wasn’t going on this road again. Would Jay’s love be enough? Would they be enough?

I really have a crush on this book, reading about characters so real, with the ability to make you feel so much, to feel how love can be limitless and when you find the one, you have to take your chance on it. And never letting go.

** My rating **



Limitless series :

Each book can be read individually, but it is encouraged to read them in order to gain the best experience.


Limitless (Book 1) : Emery & Knox


Becoming (Book 3) : Lily & Cambria




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