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Synopsis :


I’ve never been your typical girl. I didn’t grow up in a warm fuzzy family, and emotions weren’t something I needed now. Love has never been something I could wrap my mind around, so why bother? I know what I’m good at. I’m a great friend, have a passion for healing others, and a way with horses. I can be all those things at the same time without ever discussing my own feelings.
Until him.


I’ve always been told I have a way with words. It’s one reason I manage the family business so well. I can wine and dine with the best of them, selling bloodlines and high-priced stallion services over a five-course dinner. I’m able to talk myself into or out of just about anything and anyone.
Until her.


Young and carefree, living worlds apart, they indulged in what seemed like the perfect fling.

Until Lawrence decided he wanted more.

Until Steph’s careful world fell apart.

Until they had to decide if love was worth the fight.


Buy link : http://amzn.to/1WUXR4S

About the author


CM Foss is a hopeless romantic with a love for the written word. When she was little, her mom would ration her books so she wouldn’t go through them too quickly. It didn’t matter, she would just re-read. She’s always been an avid equestrian, competing in the top levels of Three Day Eventing by age seventeen. CM now resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and kids where they own and operate their own equestrian business, as well as raising grass-fed, sustainable meats. She doesn’t have this thing people call “free time”, but she does spend a weird amount of time writing, reading, playing with her kids, milking goats, and drinking wine, while avoiding bananas at all costs. Other books by CM Foss include Shiver, Swoon, and City Beautiful.

Facebook – http://on.fb.me/1NJqEp7

Twitter – http://bit.ly/1Q2zwbS

Goodreads – http://bit.ly/1Sfs1xe


** I was given a copy for an honest review. **

Swoon is a sweet, beautiful story involving a hot swoon worthy cowboy and a sassy, stubborn woman.
This time, we’ve got Lawrence and Steph story’s, characters you’ve met in Shiver. It’s not necessary to read this one before but it could give you some insights about the two of them.

I read so quickly, smiling, swooning,laughing and at times leaving me frustrated, but in a very good way!
This story warmed my heart, reading about how a man is willing to show to woman he loves that their journey is worth fighting for, that they mean to be together. And damn *swoon* *swoon*!

When I met Lawrence in Shiver, I already had a crush. CM Foss knows how to write about sexy cowboys with a heart of gold and dirty mouth.
Stephanie doesn’t do relationships, no commitment. When one night with Lawrence, meant so much more but her reluctance to be involved to someone, she tried to be friend with him. All over the years, you could see how that really meant to be, a chemistry off the charts, sexual tension, of course some hardships to overcome but I couldn’t put it down.

From friends to lovers, I have to say that you need to be patient to really see them together, because there was not heavy drama here, but more as a slow burning romance, before they finally give in their feelings.
That’s done, CM Foss, I read all your books, not in their order of their release, but what I really enjoyed is how you can write romance, that made me fall in love with the characters but also the scenery place. Each time I read one of your books, I’ve just wanted to move in. So high five!

** My rating **


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