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Synopsis :

When Brent Mason looks at Kennedy Randolph, he doesn’t see the awkward, sweet girl who grew up next door. He sees a self-assured, stunning woman…who wants to crush the most intimate – and prized – parts of his anatomy beneath the heels of her Christian Louboutins.

Brent has never let the loss of his leg in a childhood accident affect his ability to lead a fulfilling life. He sets high goals–and then he reaches them.

And now he has his sights set on Kennedy.
When Kennedy looks at Brent Mason, all she sees is the selfish, Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue-worthy teenager who humiliated her in high school to join the popular crowd. A crowd that made those years a living hell.

She’s not a lovesick social outcast anymore – she’s a DC prosecutor with a long winning streak behind her. Brent is the opposing attorney in her next case and she thinks it’s time to put him through a little hell of his own.

But things aren’t exactly working out that way.

Because every fiery exchange has her wondering if he’s as passionate in the bedroom as he is in the courtroom. Each argument and objection only makes him want her more. In the end, Brent and Kennedy may just find themselves in love…or in contempt of court.

APPEALED is a sexy, humorous romance about first crushes, second chances and the final verdict of the heart.


Buy link : http://amzn.to/1PNuvFW

About the author


Emma Chase lives in New Jersey with her husband, two children and two misbehaving (but really cute) dogs. She has a long standing love/hate relationship with caffeine.

Emma is an avid reader. Before her children were born she was known to consume whole books in a single day. Writing has also always been a passion and with the 2013 release of her debut romantic comedy, Tangled, the ability to now call herself an author is nothing less than a dream come true.


Twitter : @emmachse​
​ ​

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Emma-Chase/203871846413267?fref=ts

More about the series


Overruled (The Legal Brief series, Book 1)


Sustained (The Legal Brief Series, Book 2)



** I was given an ARC for an honest review. **

Appealed by Emma Chase was totally appealing! An humorous story about first crushes and second chances got me.

I really enjoyed how Emma Chase could write about stubborn, cocky and sexy male characters. If you’re looking for something fun, sexy and  with amazing characters and banter; Appealed is for you!

« Once upon a time she was my best friend. For a hot minute she was more. After that, she hated me. And then, she was just … gone. »

Well, well, it’s time to see Brent to fall in love, even if he didn’t realize yet! what about meeting his best geeky childhood friend who turned up to be the prosecutor on his next case? Big slap in the face, like when he saw her for the first time after all these years, he knew what he had to do. Win the case. Get her.

Even with the loss of his leg in a childhood accident, he sets high goals, he’s for the win. What if his biggest challenge is to win a woman’s heart?

Brent was totally hilarious, a big kid with a big heart. Partners in crime with his best friends, he saw each one fall in love. Everyone is settled down, with a family. Even his wingman, Jake, is now a proud father of a bunch of kids! He’s straightforward, persistent and once he sets his eyes on Kennedy again,  he was like an addict craving for more.  He’s up for a challenge and even if she isn’t his yet, he couldn’t help to act like a jealous man.

His mission? To push Kennedy’s buttons in court and outside. Never let her go. Ever.

Kennedy was her best friend, the nerdy one who was always on his side, until she was crushed and decided to take charge of her own life. She would never be the little afraid shy girl. It’s time to be badass and she utterly fulfill her part.

Sharp tongue, self confident and at ease with her body, she’s for the win. But is she ready to face Brent again after all these years? Maybe not, but she was handling it very well. Brent was her perfect match in and out of the court.

What I enjoyed the most? The foreplay! These two made me laugh so many times, and bloody hell the sexual tension was mind-blowing!

The chemistry was incredible and I had so much fun. Really, from the Brent’s ramblings and analogies to Kennedy’s sassiness, their story put a huge smile on my face. I was entertained from the beginning until the end.

When they came to an agreement, to release all these tension out the court, the lines are gonna be blurred. Even if they stayed professionals, the thrill to win and defend their case could overstep into their relationship.

« It’s our final matchup. Our battle Royale. And when it’s done, only one of us will be left standing. »

Humor and the sexual tension were a huge part of the storyline but the romance part was perfectly melting into it. Brent was surprisingly full of alpha vibes with a very romantic side, dirty talk and determined to win her over. *swoon*

« I want to figure her out, to learn every part of her-the soft curves, the sharp edges, the dark, showy corners she tries to hide. I want to break down her doors, climb her ivory tower. I want to slay all her fucking dragons. »

The third book was again a hit and Brent won me over. Emma Chase could write some pretty amazing prologue and epilogue.

Brent was close to be my favorite of the three guys, Kennedy was the Kelly Kapowski to his Zack Morris. They were perfect to each other, the background case was giving a great substance and balance.

Next book please Emma Chase?

Because they were so many priceless scenes and this one was kinda my favorite, I wanted to share it with you. A beautiful declaration of love :

« No I am in love with you. When I look at you, think about you, I can’t decide if I want to fuck you, strangle you, or just hold you in my arms. Usually all three. And if that’s not love, I don’t know what is. »

My rating :




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