⭐️ Review : Fighting Ever After (Ever After #3) by Stephanie Hoffman McManus ⭐️


musician playing on guitar


Synopsis :

Senator’s son. Ivy league dropout. Lead singer for Boston’s hottest band on the rise. Bad boy most likely to break a good girl’s heart. Kyden McCabe is all of those things and so much more.

His trust; you can’t have it. His heart; he’ll never let you touch it. He’s not interested in love. He deals in pleasure only. That’s all he wants and all he offers. When Jaxyn stumbles into his life like a princess straight from some bullshit fairytale, she will be no exception . . .

You’ve already heard the story from Jaxyn’s point of view, now take a peek inside Ky’s head and find out just what it is that makes him so hard to like, but so easy to love.

This is a retelling of Finding Ever After from Ky’s point of view. It can be read before or after Chasing Ever After (Ace and Sadie) but should be read after Finding Ever After.

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** Copy kindly provided by Stephanie Hoffman McManus for an honest review. **

I’m not a great fan of retelling stories. The first book, Finding Ever After was told in Jaxyn’s POV and this time, we got Kyden’s side of their story. Once again, the author surprised me. I think I fall more in love with Kyden.

He got burned in his past and decided to protect his heart. Women knows where to stand. No relationships. Just one night-stands. His mantra seemed to work perfectly until Jaxyn came into his life, breaking all his walls.

A feisty and refreshing tornado, blowing everything in her path, messing up with his feelings. Making him crazy. I loved it! Reading about how he fell in love but completely in denial was just moving, his flaws, soft side made him more real. His willingness to be a better man moved me.

He was struggling so hard to give his heart again, to let it go. One step forward, three steps backwards.

The characters’ psychology were well developed, Kyden and Jaxyn’s friends were awesome, with a great dynamic. I really enjoyed being into Kyden’s head.

This book was definitely not a retelling and I liked reading some new information about their love story.

** My rating **



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