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Title: Floured
Author: Lane Martin
Release Date: Nov 12, 2015
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Emily Barnes likes things measured and timed, just like any baker. When she loses the apartment that she needs to run her home-based muffin business, she’s faced with a choice: couch surfing at her very loud best friends’ separated by thin walls or house sitting an otherwise empty Upper East Side luxury apartment overlooking Central Park. Obviously it’s a no-brainer for this smart cookie.
Declan Hayes is used to people asking things of him and saying no. However, for Maggie, his parent’s cook and housekeeper, he would do just about anything, including going over to his parent’s apartment to check on her pseudo niece who is staying there. His plan was to get in and get out, but the second he saw her, something changed. Something about her sparked the normally cold and dismal place to life; she made it warm and inviting. He finally understood the phrase “there’s no place like home.”
Can Emily and Declan trust the timing of their lives or adjust the lens from which they see them?
Hope, faith, trust and…love?
Will these things be enough for Emily and Declan to get the one thing they both never thought they needed in life?
It’s a good thing they are “Floured” because life is about to get sticky.
“He seems so perfect, Nat, but then he says things that confuse me.”
“He asked me to forgive him and said this was all new to him, and Marissa acted like she was a jealous ex or something. I don’t understand it. When I asked him if they dated, he said they had a “history” but that he wouldn’t call it dating.”
“Maybe they just bumped fuzzies in the wine cellar.”
“Did you really just say that?”
“What would you like me to say? They shagged, boinked, screwed, banged, humped, or fucked? Take your pick.”
“How much time a day do you spend on Urban Dictionary?”
“What has my bride to be said now? Do I need to wash her mouth out?” Gabe asked as he approached us. It was sweet that my two best friends were checking up on me.
“Oh, baby, you know you love this dirty little mouth.”
“God, do you two need a room?” I asked as they practically began to maul each other. “I need to grab a few things and head back to the apartment for a nap.”
“Is that code for something else?” Gabe asked. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at him.
“No, Gabe. I really need to go back to the apartment and get a few hours of sleep so that I can get ready for tomorrow.”
“Okay, but don’t forget about me, and it’s not too late to change your mind about coming to my parents tomorrow. You know the invitation is always open.”
“It’s all good, and I could never forget about you.” We said our goodbyes and I left.
I’m not sure if I walked or floated into the apartment. After placing my grocery bags in the kitchen, I headed back to bed. A fresh arrangement of flowers was on sitting on the nightstand. I was thankful that I had taken the time to remove one of the Bachelor Button’s from the arrangement to dry before I left. The faint scent of apple filled the room. The flowers were delicate and varied in color from white to pink. I quickly opened the card and read.
To the promise of more to come – Dec 
I never thought that I would write a novel, although my English teacher my freshman year in college told me that he would hunt me down if I wasn’t published by the time I was thirty. Well, thirty came and went. I was busy being a wife and working mother of two, and nobody came looking for me.
I doubt my sister thought she was about to change my life forever when she got me a book of “mommy porn” for my birthday in 2012, but that’s exactly what she did. After reading the first book in the trilogy, I rushed out and got the other two books. I became obsessed and read the series several times before learning about Fanfiction. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t get enough. The idea fascinated me and I thought, “I can do that.” I was a nervous wreck when I posted my first story, a one shot about my new favorite couple. One story lead to another and then another. My readers encouraged me to write something that was all mine, so that‘s what I did. Thank you to everyone who told me that I could do it. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.
I love reading, writing, traveling, and spending time with my family.  Thank you for going on this journey with me.

Lane Martin – Floured



A little bit of sweet, a lots of sexy parts, a beautiful romance, humor and a hint of spice, Floured has all the ingredients for a marvelous recipe for love!

When a feisty baker met a handsome and successful Irish man, it created a delightful story, with a smoking chemistry.

I laughed, I smiled, giggling sometimes, and melting a lot.


Emily is a Baker and a successful woman with her home-based muffins business. She’s independent, tough but sweet with some abandonment issues. When she had to find a new place and ended in her aunt boss’s house, she didn’t expect to find an exquisite Irish man who will give her goosebumps.


Meet Declan … Just his name makes me smile! Married to his job, womanizer, and not tight with his family, but to his astonishment he gets the meaning of the word “home” with Emma, taken aback by her natural side and features, a woman like he never met before.Bossy when it comes to work, mysterious and secretive … Enough to pick my interest.

The words flowed easily, and I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to keep reading, about these two characters, who were so meant to be together. Declan was for sure about his feelings and Emma was kinda lost here. Why a man like him, could be interested to be with her?


Even if Emily was hot tempered and reacting like a jealous and insecure woman, I could understand it, and Declan was comprehensive and very … persuasive!

Sometimes you can have all the elements for a great wonderful story and it doesn’t work but with ‘Floured’ it was quite the opposite! The author made a remarkable job here, written with sincerity, passion and just the right amount of emotion. Lane Martin got me here.


And the end … I just wanted to cry! This book was from the beginning to the end, an unexpected and delightful surprise. Go for it!

Please Lane, I really, really hope that the next one will come out soon, for now I’m just doing this :


***  My rating ***

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