⭐️ Release Blitz ** Review ** 5 Stages of Riley Winters by RD Berg⭐️

Title: 5 Stages of Riley Winters
Author: R.D. Berg
Release Date: Nov 2, 2015
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He left me shattered and mentally scarred. Our divorce should have healed those emotional wounds. It didn’t.
Nine months have passed, and I am still trying to piece together my life that was torn to shreds. I am a shell of the person I once was.
Shrouds me in a cloak of darkness, isolates me from family and friends, and barely leaves me treading water. The only thing keeping me afloat is my rambunctious three-year old son, River.
Brings Liam Bowers into my life. He offers me everything my ex did not – love, adoration, romance and peace.
Slithers it’s way back into my life, threatening to kidnap the only glimpse of happiness I have found.
My past and future are colliding, and I am afraid the only fatality will be…me.
RD Berg lives in the great state of Texas with her three boys who drive her to the brink of insanity most days. She loves to read, write and watch her two favorite shows, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. When she isn’t enthralled with a novel or a gory show, you can find her in the stands loudly cheering on her boys at their basketball and football games. She has three strong beliefs in life; Vanilla cake and Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream should be a major food group, Halloween should be celebrated every month, and Harry Potter’s birthday should be a national holiday.
This is the story of Riley Winter, newly divorced with a little boy, through the five stages of grief.
I finished this book in one sitting, captivated by this woman’s journey trying to live again, after years of abuse.

Riley had a hard life, an abusing husband, leaving its marks on her. After twelve years of a failing marriage, it’s time to move on but it was difficult. She was doing everything in her power to be the best mother, to take care of her little boy, River, who had a speech delay.

Besides all of their efforts, River was giving a hard time to every therapist, until Liam.
Life shattered her, dismantle her heart and soul into pieces. She’s fierce, and seeking for help, and to show her weakness was not an option. Her stubbornness closed her from people. But deep inside, she needed an electroshock to awake her.

The first time I met Liam through Riley’s eyes, I was sold. Therapist by day, rock star by night. All I can say that RD Berg can describe appealing and mesmerizing male characters, and their first encounter, … completely charged with electricity was stunning! I felt it all!!

Handsome, sweet, tattooed and musician … Le Sigh! This man has some wisdom and such maturity and we can sense that his life wasn’t easy either, but was contrary to Riley, he managed it differently, not sinking into it. He was his light to her dark.
I was afraid that Liam’s musician side would add more drama to their story, but it didn’t. He was an amazing listener and was great with River, who totally letting him into their lives.

Riley’s past was just heartbreaking and she was struggling not to sink, but it was hard, with the shadows of her past threatening her chance to happiness.
I wanted Riley to fight more, she felt weak, she was surrounded by her family and Liam, and sometimes she wasn’t trying enough. There was so many times that she could shine and it didn’t happen. I just wanted more for her.

Surprisingly, Liam was described like a bad boy but seemed softer in the end.
Riley was a woman who couldn’t show her weakness and was choosing to live like a recluse, because her ex-husband made her feel so inferior, and to cut off everyone when times were getting hard.
Even if he was trying to let Riley to confide in him, giving her time, sometimes it wasn’t enough and he was pushing her, being her rock.

Hopefully, Liam and Riley were so sweet together, with this intense passion emanating all along the story. Liam was totally crazy in love with Riley and her son, taking care of them no matter what.

This story was written like you were living it, so overwhelming at times, with great secondary characters (special mention to the two MC’s BFF; Annie (Riley’s twin and Liam’s brother), River had his part in the story and I really appreciated how he was fitted into it. (This little guy melt my heart). After a long and intense journey, I needed them to be happy. Their story was full of pitfalls but so worth reading. Gut-wrenching and beautiful.

*** My rating : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ ***

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