⭐️ Review ** The Art of Stealing Kisses (Love and Art Book Two) by Stella London ⭐️



** Synopsis **

A priceless painting. A devastatingly handsome new boss.
A mystery I can’t resist.

Ever since billionaire art collector Charles St Clair crashed into my life, my whole world’s turned upside down. Now I’m trading my old waitress uniform for designer gowns, and bad blind dates for steamy hookups with the most eligible bachelor in town. But a string of daring art heists is turning heads – and all the clues point to St Clair.

Who is the man behind the myth? And what secrets is he hiding behind that million-dollar smile?
All I know is, I’m going to enjoy unwrapping the truth.

** Author bio **

Stella London is a romance lover turned newbie author. After a childhood spent traveling in Europe, she now calls New York City her home – but still keeps a flame burning for those sexy foreign accents. She loves strong coffee, new shoes, and handsome men in a well-cut suit.

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** Copy kindly provided by Stella London for an honest review **

The Art of Stealing kisses is book 2 from this series. Things are going fast for Grace. New job, new life and maybe finding love?

It’s fairytale time for Grace, where all her dreams comes true as much as the mystery about St Clair’s character begins to unravel. She has her dream job, a more than attractive british gentleman boss, and everything is perfect. How long this dream is gonna last?

Grace and St Clair still have this incredible and so endearing chemistry, professionally and mostly a strong attraction that pulls them closer, each time. Things are going too well for Grace, who was exploring this lifestyle, trying to understand as well her relationship with him. The line is already crossed but she doesn’t know where they are standing right now. He has a reputation and women seem attracted like magnets. British charisma! Sigh


I really enjoyed again how art is melting into Grace life, as a part of herself. Her passion still increase thanks to her new job, and she was challenged by Saint Clair to let her find her way to be inspired again, as an artist. Her mother’s death blocked her out. She’s still learning and trying to fit into this world but it was difficult. She is naive, always finding the good in people but sometimes too smart for her own good.


When the investigation about the painting that changed her life, raises a lot of questions about who she can trust, Saint Clair is revealing some  of  his true colors to her, but always with parsimony. Who is the real St Clair??? Can she trust him?

Things took another level romantically and BAM … CLIFFHANGER!!I want book 3 please! You can’t leave us like this!You’re evil, Stella but I love you anyway!

** My rating : ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ **


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