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Title: Four Play
 Author: Amalie Silver
Release Date: July 13, 2015


From the author of the Internationally Bestselling Satire Word Play comes this collection of laugh-out-loud novellas, all guaranteed to curl your toes and challenge your morals.
Titles include:

Surrendering to Innocence
(Previously published in Forbidden Fruit, Volume II)
Big Balls
(Previously published in Nighttides)

Debating Number Ten
(Previously published in Hot for Teacher)

Fair Play
(The brand new prequel novella to Word Play)

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“No, no, no,” Jack cut in. “You need to get her engine fired up. Make her panties wet. You have to be forceful, take control. They eat up that shit.”
Martin shook his head. “No. I’m telling you, there are only two ways to get a girl in your bed at a place like this. Shakespeare or poetry.”
“Shakespeare?” I asked. “Don’t you think that’s a little cheesy?”
“Not at all,” Martin replied. “Just walk up to her and say ‘but soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun!’”
“And then add,” Jack insisted, “the sun isn’t the only thing around here that rises.” He wiggled his eyebrows.
Why was I even considering listening to them? It seemed that the guy who was about to become a priest had the best advice.
“Shakespeare? Really?” I wasn’t comfortable with it, but with the alcohol and one glance at the blonde that had just walked in, I felt my inhibitions fade away. Maybe the guys knew more about this kind of thing than me. Although judging from their track record in school, I had my doubts. I didn’t remember the last time any of them had a girlfriend.
Fuck it.
Why not? You only live once. Why shouldn’t I have tried to take advantage of the situation? Jack was right, as painful as it was for me to admit. By my calculations, ninety-three percent of the women at the bar were there for the convention. My chances of scoring one who knew something about Shakes were pretty good.
I slammed back the rest of my drink and pulled a wad of courage from my left nut.
I can do this.
None of the guys looked convinced. Duncan gave a lopsided smile, Martin shoved his earbud back in his ear, and Jack sat cross-legged, calmly folding his hands in his lap. I really hoped they wouldn’t watch me; it was going to be hard enough as it was, let alone while I had an audience.
I drew two deep breaths and stood. The blonde at the bar sat alone, sipping her drink, and I took several confident strides toward her as I tried to piece together what I was going to say.
“Hi,” I whispered.
But the music was too loud, and she couldn’t hear me.
So I tried again.
“Hi,” I shouted, causing her to flinch and dribble some of her drink down her chin.
Smooth, asshole.
“It’s loud in here!” I said, without as much force that time.
She smiled and tucked her hair behind her ear. I shoved my hands in my pockets and tried to remember the line I was supposed to use.
But it wasn’t coming. We remained smiling at each other until the moment became strange.
Then uncomfortable.
And then it verged on painful.
What was I going to say? Did we decide I was going to introduce myself? Or was it poetry?
“But soft, what…light through yonder window breaks,” I began, trying not to stutter.
Her eyes widened, and I knew I had her attention, but as my palms grew clammy and my chest hollowed, I realized that the Juliet line wouldn’t work.
Unless her name was Juliet. Which was unlikely.
It is the east, and Juliet is the sun. That’s not going to work! Dammit! I need something else! It’s too late! I have to finish the damn quote!
I swallowed, and spat out the first thing my mind could make sense of.
“My dick rises in the east.”
Author Bio

Amalie Silver resides in Minnesota with her husband, two toddlers, and German Short-haired Pointer, Saba. She consumes approximately three pots of coffee a day, and credits this for her survival over the past decade.When not completely consumed in her writing, she can be found taking road trips to northern Minnesota, engaging in fierce Scrabble games, or reading a good book. She’s a sucker for all romance genres, literary fiction, and psychological fiction.

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** ARC provided by the author via Give Me Books for an honest review. **
This is a collection of four laughing out loud, steamy and smoking hot stories, writen by Amalie Silver’s witty, perky, funny signature.
All I can say that these stories completely caught my attention, it was cute, swoony, fun with some memorable spicy moments.Big Balls

« We live the game.
We breathe the game.
We own it. »

For the first story, it was very enjoyable and sweet.
A softball player (Jacqueline « Jack ») falls in love with her umpire (Nolan). It was a perfect blend of humor, sexiness and romance.
Jack was the sport girl, focused on her game. Her rule: no dating during the season.
But can she break her rule and make a choice between the sexy and sweet Nolan and the game?
Endearing characters, some cute sexual innuendos, a great banter, home run for that one!
I have a spot for sports romance, and it was just the perfect story to begin with.
Just to let you know : BOOK BOYFRIEND material alert!

My rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Debating Number Ten« And why did my skin tingle from the feel of her cold fingers?
It’s the strangest thing I’ve experienced in my life – and that’s saying something .»

Second story, college player guy (Simon), with a fascination with his teacher, and a habit to keep spreadsheets about the girls he slept with.
His calculating, predictable ways were shattered when he met the new girl,Arleen.
When I started this one, I was really surprised. Just the read about the cars comparison is worth the read and completely insane and hilarious! This was a very good story, so refreshing, with a guy who had to work a lot to get his girl, and having this guy thoughts about the opposite sex was priceless!Hot, sexy, steamy and sweet.
My rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Surrendering to Innocence

« The nervousness.
The need.
The clumsiness.
The heat.Oh god. The fucking heat. »

Forbidden romance alert! This one was one of most hilarious and so smoking hot novella I have to read. Wow, the author knows how to keep the heat and sexual tension thoughout the story. When a divorced mom (Christine) is chased by one her son’s friend (Watson).
Middle aged woman, out of the dating scene, Christine tried to get back into the game, and let just say that it was failure after failure. When Watson make sure of this not noble attentions. she saw him in a new light, and fighting her attraction was more than difficult! Watson for his young age, was definitely more than unexperienced!
Is she going to surrender?
My rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐

Fair Play

« The anti-cliché became the cliché, because no one would’ve ever been able to say it better that I could at that minute. »

I was really expecting this one, because after reading Word Play, I wanted to read about their first encounter.
In a short time, these two get attached more than they should, between a bet, some mishaps, misunderstandings, it was a hell of a weekend!
It was hilarious, sweet, with a quirky and sarcastic tone, so familiar to this author.
Michael was such an endearing character, the good guy, a little bit clumsy with girls, bookworm and not believing to romance, until he met Lauren, the sexy and cute geek who captured his heart.
It was interesting to have this quick perk in Michael’s life before this career as a famous writer, with his adorable craziness.
Lauren was the mix of super cute, so oblivious to her sexiness. Not so innocent as she seemed to be, she was the breath of fresh air, totally unexpected in Michael’s life.
What’s next? Go read Word Play to see how their story is gonna end!

My rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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