🎵 Song of the week : Let’s Stay Together – Al Green 🎵

This week, an all time classic song!

This song was performed on a mythic show : Soul Train.  Only Al Green can have a misshapen haircut and still looks good!

Enjoy and happy monday!

Lyrics :

I, I’m so in love with you
Whatever you want to do is all right with me
‘Cause you make me feel so brand new
And I want to spend my life with you

Let me say that since, baby, since we’ve been together
Loving you forever is what I need
Oh let me be the one you come running to
I’ll never be untrue

Oh let’s, let’s stay together
Lovin’ you whether, whether
Times are good or bad, happy or sad, alright, oh yeah
Whether times are good or bad, happy or sad

Why somebody
Why people break up, Oh, turn around and make up
I just can’t see, you’d never do that to me (would you baby)
To be around you is all I see, is what I want us to do

Let’s, we ought to stay together
Loving you whether, whether times are good or bad, and happy or sad
(come one) Let’s, let’s stay together
Loving you whether whether


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Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group, UNIVERSAL MUSIC PUB GROUP, BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC



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