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Rules of Payne
by Elizabeth Lynx
Publication Date: April 1, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Humor

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Synopsis: Morgana Drake has some problems in her life.

Problem #1: She has a boss she hates. Truth be told everyone at her company hates him, he’s a jerk.
Problem #2: Morgana fantasizes and has sex dreams about her awful boss because he is just sooo good looking. She may have done a lot more than fantasize, but please don’t tell anyone.

Problem #3: She wants to get into her company’s Executive Development Program, but there is one thing standing in her way. You guessed it, her boss.
Problem #4: Morgana needs to get laid by someone other than her boss. She feels if she likes someone else she will stop lusting after Henrik Payne.

Henrik Payne is very serious about his job. He has worked hard for over ten years to become VP of Sales and Marketing and make Mimir the third largest online retailer. He has rules he follows to make sure the company and his life run smoothly.

Rule #1: Know the company from the ground up and the people who make this place great.
Rule #2: Don’t do anything that might negatively affect the company or him.
Rule #3: It’s best not to date women. If he does, they are to be kept at a distance. Emotions cloud judgment and can cause harm to the company if he is with the wrong woman and reveals too much.
Rule #4: Don’t drink. It weakens people’s resolve, makes them act ridiculous and can make them do horrible things. Things that can’t be undone.

So, why does he keep breaking all his rules?

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About Elizabeth Lynx

Elizabeth Lynx

Elizabeth Lynx is not a robot, that’s for sure. At least she says she’s not. She is also not a space alien. How do I know this, because she was born in Baltimore Maryland in the 1970’s when no one wanted to be in Baltimore Maryland so why would her parents say that if it weren’t true. Of course she has had her suspicions growing up and is still in a continual search for evidence that backs up her space age theories.

To bide her time she writes about ‘normal’ people and their sexy romantic lives. Her husband chooses to put up with her theories and paranoid musings. Her two little boys help her see that perhaps she isn’t an alien but more of a climbing rock. This theory is new, so she needs more time to develop it further.

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Laughing out Loud Alert!
Rules of Payne was like taking a bite of a cake and hoping it will never last.
Each bite leading to a full variety of sensations, and through this story, I was having so much fun, reading Morgana’s problems against Henrik’s rules.
One perky, hilarious and sexy red haired girl working as an assistant of the king of the Payne in everybody’s life and one hot, kinky, hot and cold boss with a tendency to become crazy just by looking at her, I was sold!!
How could I pass the opportunity to read this book after this blurb « ***WARNING – Steamy Sex Scenes – Cake addiction – Incorrect usage of the word Potatoes*** » and I knew this book was for me!


IMG_1801Morgana has a lot of problems, mostly included her boss.
Damn this girl was so efficient at work but when it comes to cake or mostly M.Payne, it was her body which took control and couldn’t stop this downward spiral. And damn she got it bad!


But each time, he closed off and she felt used, because he was a total jerk to her. They had sex and then he treated her like crap, and in these moments, I felt bad for her.
She was struggling to this sinfully and addictive sexual attraction they had, but failed!
Besides these parts, I loved her inner conversations with her brain, when we saw how she fought to decide whether or not she made the right decisions.

Well, Well, Well, Henrick Payne was the epitome of the perfect jerk boss , inside and outside the office, at first. He was bothering me in his ways to be with Morgana, but the more I read about him, the more I actually liked him.

This man was full of contradictions; playing hot and cold with Morgana, sweet, caring, funny and always in control … until her!
He has this hilarious side that you won’t suspect and it was delightful!
While Morgana’s was struggling with her problems, he was having a hard time with his rules he settled and this woman was making him break them each time. He was infatuated.
She was his addiction and he could help to surrender.


All was thrown away, and damn the sex was a festival of fireworks! Henrik was a very, very kinky man and damn it was steamy sex and it was their way to communicate when things were too hard to say. She was pushing his buttons and he couldn’t get his hands off her, like an addict!Let’s just say that the word « Potatoes » was used more than once!

This book was a very easy, quick read, with strong hilarious vibes and a lot of kinky, sexy and smoking hot sex in a lot of places!Not only Elizabeth Lynx created two great characters, with an incredible banter and chemistry, but she also wrote some second characters that you will find endearing and at the same time crazy, giving a great rhythmic to the story.
I don’t know which one was the most hilarious between Morgana or Henrik, and this book was a complete and wonderful surprise!
I forgive you Elizabeth for the cliffhanger (even if it wasn’t a big one), because I’m looking forward to read the next one from The Cake Love series! For some of you who reads The Payne In The Blog, it wasn’t a repeat and I highly recommend this book!
If you’re like me after reading it and have some withdrawals, you can read Morgana’s blog.

No pressure if you don’t, but I think you should! Damn I want to eat cake now!



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