Review : Waiting for the One by L.A. Fiore


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** ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review. **

One famous but recluse artist, one bartender in a small town and lots of kinds of crazy stuff!
It was a good story about love, passion, full of mystery and suspense. It was a pleasant read.

Saffron Mills is a bartender in the small town in Harrington, Maine. She was content with her life, even if she had some big issues with her family, she wanted to find someone to be with, have children.
She is funny, caring for people, and her best friend and kind of father’s figure is an old man.

Logan McGowan is a recluse artist, so mysterious and intriguing, hiding behind his looks. He was the new man in town. He had this intense and powerful aura that immediately attracted Saffron.
Began between them a challenging foreplay, with Saffron trying to speak with him, but all she’s got was an intense, scrutiny glare and lot of secret smiles.
This man could talk to everyone but not to her, and it made her wanted more from him.

But this story was so much more that this flirty banter. Logan was tired of being the famous artist and being in a town that no one could bothering him, was refreshing. He felt suffocated by this huge popularity, this crazy life he left behind.
Saffron was the breath of fresh air he needed. Even if he wasn’t speaking at her first, their exchanges were damn intensive, funny and sweet at the same time.. It was like he could read her.

Besides this part, Logan « David » had a heavy luggage on his own, and seeing how fame could make people crazy, the medias and all the attention he could have was definitely scary. I could easily understand how he wanted a retreat, somewhere people saw him as a regular people not like an object. Saffron had some issues either, with her family and her rejection from her parents was very painful and I felt bad for her.

There was some very sweet and romantic moments, and when finally Saffron and Logan got involved in a relationship, it was passionate, rough and beautiful. As you might guess, everything couldn’t so peaceful, and things became to get ugly.
Then the story turned into a nightmare, leading a path of despair, hurting them so badly that my heart ache for all the crazy things happening in this small town. Really.

I was so stifled by all of that and it was too overwhelming! How can Saffron and David could survive this without being hurt? It was captivating and the author managed to put a hell of a twist that at 80% of the book, I was speechless! I would never imagine that the story would turned that way.
Even, if I felt a little bit exhausted by their journey, I loved the main theme about the Swordwish, it was so romantic and so representative of their love story *SWOON*

«  My life before led me here and that’s all that matters. »



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