Review : Midnight Ride (Midnight Cowboys #1) by Cat Johnson


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** ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review. **

This was my first story where the male character is a smoking hot and young cowboy falling in love with a widow, with a age difference. I really liked that story and all was gathered for the avid romance reader I am.
This story was full of charm, beautifully written, with no huge drama, and sometimes it felt good!
There was a quietness in it, charged with a lot of emotions and let’s just said that the hero wasn’t a kind of irresponsible man or annoying at all.

Janie is a widow struggling to run a farm and she was married to a man very young. When he died, she was on her own and was lonely in this wide place.
Tyler is a young cowboy raised in this town, enjoying his life, he’s 24. He worked in a ranch not far from Janie’s farm.

When I read their first encounter, it made me smile and I could immediately sense that the two of them clicked. From that moment, Tyler was intrigued and totally smitten with her, offering his services, by helping her in her farm.He saw a future with her, not a woman for a hookup,
Janie could sense the attraction, but the memory of her husband was still fresh and moving on felt like a betrayal to her life, so she didn’t take a chance with him, even if he definitely made her understand that he was attracted to her.


Everyday, he came to her farm, and Janie get used to his presence and begin to open up a little. Tyler was incredibly mature for his age. He felt the reluctance and tried not to push things further, waiting for her to ready. I loved how the characters get to know each other and not jumping immediately to bed, it was a slow, sweet and sexy romance. Not cheesy at all!!

There was some drama, related mostly to Janie’s issues, because she wasn’t ready to make their relationship public, was insecure when it comes to Tyler’s past. But damn, he was showing her that she was the only woman he saw, overshadowing the others. I just wanted to tell her : « don’t let go that man, dammit , he’s the one!! », but I could understand her position. She made some time to realize that as much Tyler about her issues.
I really enjoyed the ride and I can’t wait to read the next one, about Rohn. And damn those covers, … *sigh*


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