Blog Tour ** Review ** : The Missing Scalpel by Joyce Gibbons

How do you prove your innocence when all of the evidence points to you?

Head Surgical Nurse Stacy Randall is at the wrong place at the wrong time. Walking home from work and stumbling upon a murder victim, nobody seems to believe that she did not commit the crime herself. Covered in the victim’s blood, hiding what could be considered incriminating evidence, and a possible connection between her and the victim makes things look really bad for Stacy. Her only hope is to convince the stunningly handsome detective assigned to the case that the real killer is still out there.
Detective Max Prescott lost his wife and child during child birth. Between his family and his brothers in blue, they helped him move on. Max made the decision to protect his heart, never letting love in, never wanting to feel the pain of a loss like that ever again. Now in the middle of a murder investigation with a possible suspect that stirs up emotions in him that he thought he had buried deep, Max will stop at nothing to protect Stacy and help prove her innocence.
Working together to try to find a killer and to help a little orphan boy find a home, Max and Stacy must fight the attraction that they feel for each other until they can prove her innocence. With a mob closing in and a killer on the loose, Max and Stacy are in a race against the clock to figure things out before someone else gets hurt.

   I am a life long resident of the small town of Cave City, Kentucky where I hold down a full time job as office manager, working with my gorgeous husband, Larry, in our HVAC company every day. God has blessed us with four wonderful children, who in turn, have given us a gift of fourteen beautiful, exciting, energetic, brilliant and delightful grandchildren   and the cutest, and sweetest great grandson in the whole world! Each one is so unique and so delightful in every way, and so loved. I thank God for my beautiful Christian family and for the many blessings he has bestowed upon us
  I began writing in April of 2000. My very first novel, “Home On The Ranch” was released in 2001. It was so exciting to see my name on the cover of a book. Hooked beyond belief, I continued to write, not only novels, but children’s books as well. Check out the novels/books page and the children’s books page to view my published work and read summaries of the titles. As well as writing novels and books for children, I also enjoy writing songs so don’t forget to check out the song page too.
   My favorite activities are reading, taking long walks, horseback riding, playing with my grandchildren, and of course, Writing! I find writing to be so much fun, full of adventure and excitement.
** ARC provided by the author via Indie Girl Blog Tour for an honest review. **

The missing scalpel is a romantic suspense book. I’m not used to that kind of stories, so I wanted to give a try and I wasn’t disappointed.

Stacy Randall, head surgical nurse, is definitely at the wrong place at the wrong time. By her way home, she discovered a body and being at the place, put her as a murderer. Evidence gathered was sufficient to get arrested: she was there, covered in the victim’s blood, and the possible connection between her and the victim didn’t help either.
She’s feisty, take no crap kind of girl and badass. She’s good and invested in her job and even with her tough attitude, it was difficult not to feel something.She became attached to Jason, a very cute and sweet boy who was a patient.

Max Prescott is the one assigned to her case, and from the beginning he could sense that Stacy was innocent, at least he wanted to believe it badly. After some very tragic event in his life, his friends helped him to him to heal and to go through it. He’s a hot detective seeking for the truth and have some trust issues.

When you thought she was innocent, something came up. There were lot of twists and surprises and I enjoyed it. I was reading it very fast because I wanted to know the issue. The author catch my attention until the end.
As the investigation progressing, it’s like all the pieces of a jigsaw fitting together and the final picture being greater than the murder of that man.

The plot was well defined and the characters as well. If you’re looking for a little suspense with romance, you can go for it! The ending was very sweet and I loved how this investigation reunited them and the bond they created with Jason.


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