Review : Capture (Hypothesis 0.75) by Penny Reid

24950581Elements of Chemistry part 3 (70k word novel)




I had the chance to read Elements of Chemistry and I would like to thank Penny for this wonderful opportunity.

For the record, I read part 3 in less than 3 hours, and I ended it at…2 A.M, and highlighted 37 parts!

CAPTURE is definitely my favorite part from EoC, and Penny saves us the best to last, the icing on the cake!

She totally rocked the boat, and gave us an intense and captivating final instalment for Kaitlyn and Martin.

I loved everything in that story from the beginning to the end; seeing how they both evolved after the cliffhanger of part 2.I was crushed on that one.

I was surprised (in a good way) about the turning events, and a lot of questions were solved and Penny managed it like a champ.

Kaitlyn and Martin never ceased to amaze me by their choices in their life, to be themselves better. These couple was so endearing, Kaitlyn state of mind was so easy to like and Martin was…just wow!

I won’t post any spoiler here because this story deserve to be read but after all the hardships they had to overcome, especially as individuals, they both find their way back to each other and get their own HEA, without the pressure of their relatives.

Feelings were a huge part on it, always with this flirting banter that made Kaitlyn and Martin so special.

I was hooked from the first page and was captivated until the end.

This one was full of funny and sweet moments, a high dose of chemistry, a huge amount of cookies and so much love!

The feels, the feels, wow, I couldn’t put this one down and even after finishing it I wanted to read the three parts all over again!

I feel the ATTRACTION, then the HEAT and finally CAPTURE all the essence of this story!

Elements of Chemistry is A MUST READ!!! Best series EVER!!


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