Review : Elements of Chemistry: Heat (Hypothesis 0.5) by Penny Reid (ARC edition)


My review :

** ARC provided by Penny Reid for an honest review **

How can a story could be so arousing, incredibly, sinfully hot and at the same time so intellectual?
It was my feeling throughout the story and when I said that she nailed to catch the reader’s attention in the first part of Element of Chemistry, she definitely kept mine in this one. The story was delightfully sexy, hot and captivating!

Part 2 of Elements of Chemistry, is more hotter, with the sexual tension increasing through the story, and Martin was a very, very, horny and naughty boy out there! Penny outperformed herself in these parts! I totally sense the heat…everywhere! O_o (I don’t know if could read part 3 in the train …)
But was was very interesting that the passion and the intensity vibes emanating from this story. Kaitlin and Martin’s relationship grew closer and things were going very fast, (especially for her), because Martin was so determined to get what he wanted that sometimes Kaitlyn felt used, even if it wasn’t on purpose.


These two never ceased to surprise me, we had so much revelations about their expectations, doubts, families.
Kaitlyn was so much natural around him and I loved her honesty. She was struggling with her bad habits, hiding in some closets, or escape when she wanted to be alone.
Martin tried to be patient with her but his intense attraction and desire for her did him in the end.
They found on each other a kind of balance, with Martin pushing her, getting her out of her comfort zone and Kaitlyn soothing his anger.
We discovered a lot about Martin’s childhood and how this relationship with his father affected him today, and how deeply he was hurting inside.
Their relationship was kind of flawed, because they were both inexperienced and trust someone was a huge part of discrepancy between them. They were so stubborn.
But I loved them as a couple and they positively melt my heart, they were attracted like magnets and the desperate need to be together was very intense and passionate!

I couldn’t put it down and when my heart was already broken, (and it wasn’t the end of the book), and when it was the end, and BAM, mouth hang open, and saying again « NO WAY »!!!!!!
Penny,, I am so heartbroken right now!!
This end was worth than the first one, so I think I’m gonna grab my pillow, eat some chocolate with a cup of tea, and wait for the last one!! I want the next right now, gimme some Martin cookie!!
Read it, hate it, love it!


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