Review : Sing For Me by Gracie Madison

Madeline Noel fled war-torn Heaven to hide within the mortal world, but the blessing that could protect her from evil is the holy realm’s forbidden power.

As a talented soprano for the Eden Theatre Company, Madeline hides among prima donnas and tone-deaf flutists. Her perfect voice may entertain audiences, but a careless laugh may shatter glass, and her greatest scream can kill. To control her unrestrained voice, the angels forbid Madeline from embracing the emotions that strengthen her song. Anger. Fear.


The demon-hunter Damascus vows to defend Madeline from Hell’s relentless evil, but he cannot protect her from her own feelings. Though they deny their dangerous attraction, her guardian becomes her greatest temptation.

Surrendering to desire may awaken the gift suppressed within Madeline’s soul, and neither Heaven nor Hell will allow such absolute power to exist.


My review :

** ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review. **

Sing For Me wasn’t the kind of story I usually read.
But since I’ve got the chance to read it, I wasn’t disappointed. I was caught in the story where angels, demons, prophets were the main characters.

There’s battle where the Choirs (created to entertain people with their incredible and magnetic voices) were chased and killed and of course the search of power by the demons to rule over the world.
All the Choirs were hidden and protected by a demon-hunter. This one is the story of Madeline (a Choir) and Damascus (her guardian) and their fight against demons and also their forbidden love.

Madeline had to be hidden and she was a soprano for the Eden Theatre Company, her beautiful voice helped her to the most talented and gifted. Even if singing was all her life, the slightest error could be fatal and her cover would be blown. Her scream can kill.
Damascus was her guardian and demon hunter, her protector and the one who owned her heart. Mysterious, sharp, hot tempered, he was the best in his job, but his weakness was Madeline.
Their story was romantic, sexy, tragical with a beautiful bound. Madeline only sing for him.

A really loved the world where I was caught into. The plot was interesting, intriguing, with a lot of action, and described with a kind of poetry. The mix of supernatural, paranormal, romance, almost tragical (forbidden love) were well proportioned and I enjoyed following their journey and battle with their other friends. I had a special mention to an other demon hunter : Shiloh! This one rocked the boat and his interactions gave a lightness and a funny mood into the story.

This book was a very good reading and I enjoyed it. The opera scene was a good background into the main plot where supernatural things happened unnoticed to the humans. I would definitely read the upcoming books and I was glad to give a try! A very good first novel!

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