Review : Confessions of a Reformed Tom Cat (Modern Love Story #4) by Daisy Prescott



I, Thomas Clifford Donnely, am a manwhore.

I’ve been told I’m irresistible to women. Like catnip for a different type of pussy-cat. I guess you could call me a Tom Cat.

This is the story about how I lost my wingman, broke all my own rules, and found myself falling in love.

Tom Donnelly isn’t the marrying kind, or the dating kind. Even after losing his #1 wingman to love, he doesn’t see the point in relationships. When his sister’s best friend returns to Whidbey Island and propositions Donnelly for a one-night stand, he breaks one of his biggest rules—no fooling around with his sisters’ friends. It’s just sex, nothing more. That’s what Tom does and does well.

What happens when “just sex” isn’t enough?

Hailey King is more than a match for Tom’s flirtations. She’s known him most of her life and has heard the rumors about his “skills” for years. When her perfectly planned future falls apart, will the last man she should ever fall for turn out to be more than a one-night stand?


My review :

** ARC provided by Daisy Prescott and Inkslinger PR for an honest review. **

I love all Daisy Prescott’s books. I don’t know how she did it, but she nailed it again!
Reading her books are kind of addictive, once you started, you knew that the trip was gonna be an amazing, funny, hilarious, witty, sexy journey through the confessions of the one and only (reformed)  Tom Cat! How can you not smile when he said « Babe, I know you’re new to the island and all, but have you ever been geoduck hunting? »

Tom was such a cocky, confident, sexy man which a reputation which had preceded him, our Tom Cat was well known in the town. He used to have a very good life, taking what he wanted, always flirting with women. No need to settle down. And his dimples,…OMG, damn it! Each of his confessions was a pure blast and I loved how he described every situations, his past relationships, his family, best friends, his self-reflections, and how he managed all of it.


Hailey was his sister’s best friend and he wasn’t thinking about her the way, that he used to be now. She’s all grown up, and more than attractive. I really liked characters like Hailey, strong, tough, independent, very, very stubborn and with a big heart. She had to be this way because working with men wasn’t easy. Her confidence definitely put anyone in his place if she had to.
Behind all this strong and bad-ass attitude, she wanted more!


The two of them ignited every place and both began a game of foreplay until the fireworks exploded!!Lines are blurred and both of them get caught in their own game!
Damn it was hot!!!! Our Tom cat was very talented and well he’s got his reputation, but wow, he knew how to make every women melt their heart, bodies,panties…everything!But sex would be enough for both of them,
Through his journey as a Tom Cat to a reformed one, reading all his thoughts, adventures (yeah, so hilarious), and how he got into the way of falling in love with his perfect match, was mind blowing!


You have to read this wonderful and so entertaining story! You can’t miss out this book! My feeling? Grinning like a fool and each time I saw this cover I couldn’t help smiling! Trust me, this book rocks and even the hilarious parts, Daisy knew how to put the perfect balance between emotional and romantic ones! (yes Tom can be romantic and he had tattoos!!!)
Daisy Prescott is definitely an author to follow!!!



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