Review : Swept Away Volume Four (Swept Away #4) by J. Haymore

The thrilling conclusion to the Swept Away series!

Ethan has dropped his final bomb, and I’m done. I’m finished. I can’t do this anymore.

I had no idea of the danger I was stepping into. That she was one step ahead of me at every turn. And that I was about to be in a desperate fight for my life.

Warning: Swept Away is a 4-part serial. This story is messy and twisted and very, very sexy. It is not for people under 18.


My review :

*** ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review ***

In the last installment in the swept away series, craziness took a step forward, with a speeding, twisted plot that totally making me crazy!!!
Tara was again get trapped in a sick, insane game, that could kill her. Every pieces of this twisted puzzle was clicking into place : a sick chick, a friend who wanted to more than a friend, a possessive, intense boyfriend who completely melt my heart!!!
Oh my this books get me hitched until the end. Things were going so fast that sometimes I was scared for Tara. This girl has suffered a lot in her life and that would be the end of her!
But she’s a fighter and people was always seeing her like a helpless girl, and took some people by surprise! Ethan’s opening more to her and damn, he had also a bad childhood. The two of them deserved to be happy and I have to hold my breath until the end to be sure that they would have their HEA!!
The beginning was so striking and I loved read about Tara and Ethan’s journey, and how they were reunited by fate, meant to be together, even they had so many things to overcome!
I gave this one 4 stars because I think that the end was too quick, like i needed more development.
This four part series was very great and fun to read, with a great combination of sexy, suspense, and romance, with a female character who was a bad ass (even she was so naive sometimes, but I can’t blame her) and a male character hot, and alpha, who can melt your heart!
I hope Kyle would have his story too! If you’re looking for a read which can provides you total change of scene, go for it, you won’t be disappointed!




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