Review : Filthy Gorgeous by Jodi Knight

Move over Mr Darcy, there’s a new bachelor in town.

‘In the 21st century it is a truth universally acknowledged that the last thing a single man in possession of a good fortune wants, is a wife who will inevitably bleed him dry when she divorces him for serial adultery’

Meet advertising mogul Alexander Slade: he’s is successful, handsome, sexy, smart… and doesn’t do monogamy.

Why settle for one woman when you can have a harem?

Alexander’s playboy lifestyle is sailing close to perfection and he couldn’t be happier… that is until his wealthy father issues him a nightmare ultimatum. Concerned that his son’s outrageous antics are ruining the company’s reputation, he tells Alexander he must find a fiancée by his thirtieth birthday or forfeit his inheritance.

Enter Ella Bryant; a beautiful journalist who’s looking to get the scoop on our handsome hero. With less than two months to go until the dreaded milestone, is she the one who will save the day?

Filthy Gorgeous is a witty romantic comedy told through the eyes of a self-proclaimed, modern day Mr. Darcy. Regardless of whether or not Alexander makes it up the aisle, one thing is certain – you will be left reaching for the tissues.

*Warning: Due to bad language and some sexy scenes this is not suitable for under-18’s*


My review :


Filthy Gorgeous was a book so expected because the Austen women in me wanted to meet this modern M. Darcy.

How can I say about it? Sexy, hilarious, romantic, and especially uncensored!!!
Meet our handsome, man with a harem of 7 girls (his friday girls), enjoying his life as man whore, had a cocktail names after him (the famous Pink Sladies) took what he wanted where he wanted, powerful, successful, talented professionally and sexually,with a over self confidence! Alexander Solomon Slade was having fun, but he was blackmailed by his father!


What a family! The deal: find a fiancée before by his thirtieth birthday or forfeit his inheritance!

That’s how his « Vodka » creation Team came into place, and damn his teammates was totally hilarious, making Alex as a product they had to sell and the announcement in they made, priceless :


Then came one woman, Ella Bryant: smart,radiant, beautiful, transcendent, his perfect match. With an ad like this, Ella had to interview him, for a paper about the hot bachelors in New York! Not impressed by Alex’s flirty mood, she could stand against him, and when she did, she was good. But guess what? She is taken and the game was more interesting, even if her boyfriend was kind of an asshole, and Alex saw that. For a brilliant woman, she couldn’t see what happened in front of her, perfect denial!


Let’s the chase begin! Alex was doing everything he could to have her in his bed and he was up to his best game!But when his plan wasn’t working, he became his friend, something he never did before. Feelings getting mixed up, and the lines between friendship and love are blurred and both Ella and Alex were confused by the turn of their relationship. Every room was getting hot just by Ella and Alex interactions!


Between crazy friends, colleagues and hilarious situations, Alex had fucked up a lot! When this guy was happy, he always found a way to put him in some situations that he wasn’t proud of! He wanted to protect her and begin to feel more that a sexual attraction. He was ponderous and clumsy with his actions leading him to a lot of slaps in his handsome face! I love his hopeless, pragmatism reaction when he was dumped! I think I enjoyed these part a lot and seeing Alex’s fall was priceless! What goes around comes around!


Yes, he was far from perfect! But all those situations made me laugh so hard that sometimes it made me cry! Everything was so funny, well written with no filters! All the characters were endearing and i get attached to them. All of this book was a high speed train of hilarious, sexy, romantic journey through Alex’s POV and it was marvelous. It was a great first book and I can’t wait to read the next ones! If you want to have a good time, this book is yours, or Alex, that’s your choice after all! Deliciously erotic and wicked funny! 😉

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