Review: Cover Story by Rachel Bailey

Tobi Fletcher’s career is going places. Just ask her. Any day now, she’s going to write the story for her Sante Fe newspaper that will Make A Difference. Of course, Pulitzer prizes and the like will soon follow.

Unfortunately, her editor doesn’t have the same vision. His vision has her investigating a series of gnomicides. Yes, gnomicides—the wanton murder of garden gnomes.

It’s a nightmare for Tobi. She’s spent her life working towards a career she can be proud of—and proving she’s nothing like her mother. She’s intelligent, independent and so uptight she can’t even let go to sneeze properly—and, unlike her colleagues, she certainly can’t appreciate the funny side of the situation. She wants to work on the big story—a cover-up in a Senator’s office.

Reluctantly, she interviews Simon, the man who reported the ‘incident’ to the newspaper—clearly a lunatic—his four-year old daughter, and the other residents of the street. Each has their own theory about the murderer, ranging from the slightly possible to the ludicrous and Tobi, unfortunately affected by her pollen allergy and having to repress sneezes regularly, writes the story.

Her editor loves it and demands more; interstate papers pick it up and reader feedback is overwhelming. Apparently, she’s not going anywhere just yet—and, dammit, that means facing her pesky attraction to Simon. Along the way, Tobi discovers there are many truths and secrets to be uncovered—other people’s as well as her own. The question is, will the truth really set her free?


My review :


How original this blurb was : a journalist aspiring for writing the story for her newspaper that will one day make a difference, a hot, handsome man with his cute little daughter, an investigation about a series of gnomicides in their neighborhood! (It’s not a JOKE!)

Meet Tobi Fletcher, aspiring journalist, spending her life working for her career without any help, (she came from money) waiting for the story that will make a difference; a big story about, a cover up in a senator’s office.
But not everything goes the way she wanted to and ended covering a story about a series of
gnomicides! Definitely not what she planned. Despite all the funny side of this situation, she interviewed the man who reported this event.
This woman is so uptight, don’t have any clue of relationships and especially intimacy. She’s also have some kind of allergies.

Meet her dysfunctionnal family : her mother who is dating men like she’s changing clothes; all the appearances, money matters. Her father, never here and busy running this company; her sister Grace, the mini-mother.

Meet Simon, lunatic but hot, handsome and charming man! He liked to tease her!

«  Not interested in the gnomes, Mrs Fletcher? »

Beyond all his cocky attitude, Simon is raising his daughter since his wife died. He put his family first, and because his little girl was kind of affected by this, he totally won my heart! all the interview with Tori was so much fun; he knew that she wasn’t taking this story seriously and thought that she would give up.
From the beginning, we can feel that Simon is attracted to Tobi but she’s in complete denial!

« He stood for a moment and our gazes connected. I could have sworn there were something strange in the air . I don’t know maybe the temperature changed or there wasn’t enough oxygen…»

Meet Anna’s, his cute little girl. She makes me smile, the way she thought about the gnomes was so sweet!

« But i know who did it ». Her forehead wrinkled up in earnest solemnity.
« You do? Who? » « The bears ».

Meet the weird but endearing neighborhood of all ages! The more Tobi spend time with them, the more she getting attached to them. Something she wasn’t expected to have ; having feelings for some people that she’d just met. All of them had their theories and she didn’t have any clue, material for this story. I love how this close-knit group, always taking care of each other like family.
Throughout all their interactions, we can see how these people faded on her.
She became to report all the progress of the investigation, and it was a big success! The neighborhood is getting popular and people from all the country was supported them.

Behind all the cover story, we had Tobi and Simon’s relationship growing into love. There were obviously some sexual tension and chemistry between them. All these frustration leading to some hot kisses and cotton candies in Tobi’s hair!

« There’s something in your uptightness that makes me want to be the one to make you lose control » (i would never thought that eating cotton candy can be so hot!)

He’s totally captivated by her, so does she. But Tobi didn’t know how to react to all these overwhelming feelings and struggling at the same time about her work.
On one hand, we have Simon not fighting for his feelings anymore and fell hard for her. On the other hand, Tobi is inexperienced and tried to get some advice from Grace, her sister, because she didn’t know how to seduce him. (Operation C.R.A.Z.Y : you have to read this book to understand this!!!)
This man had the patience of a saint when he came to her!! *SWOON*

All that i can say that i was enjoying so much this story. We can see that Tobi in the searching of the culprit of the gnomicides, found love and especially herself in the way. All these years building a career wasn’t what she needed. Actually this cover story gave her an opportunity to experience a feeling of belonging to a group who aren’t related by blood.
All this story was refreshing and i enjoyed following Tobi through this investigation and love all these sweet neigborhood. Rachel Bailey’s writing was pertinent, smart, funny, all at once!It was a lovely romantic comedy!



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