Review : Fix Up (Patch Up #2) – Stephanie Witter

Fix_Up_CoverSaying “I love you” doesn’t erase the old scars and fears.

“I love you to insanity. I’m not even sure if it’s a good thing.” — Duke

Skye is trying to overcome what happened with Sean. Now that she’s slowly healing, both physically and mentally, she’s determined to do something she should have done sooner. She’s meeting twice a week with a new, very young therapist, Dr. Marshall. There, she’s able to talk freely, unwind, and question things. Most of the sessions she talks about herself and her hangups, along with her relationship with Duke, which is still on rocky ground.

“I want to taste his sweat. I want to hear his groans. I want to feel him inside of me.” — Skye

But while Skye is slowly getting back on her feet, Duke feels like he’s drowning. He’s afraid of pushing her too much, of initiating intimacy, and it’s weighing between them. Moreover, knowing that he’s not the one she’s talking to anymore is making him feel things he never thought possible.

“It’s a matter of when I’ll stop fighting.” — Duke

As days pass, Duke is showing over and over how vulnerable he truly is and how Skye has more power over him than she ever imagined. When Skye sees how they keep hurting each other, she’s determined to do everything in her power to make things right, no matter what the cost. But one thing is still sure; she can count on Duke whenever she needs him, even if they disagree and fight. When Duke loves, he loves with everything he’s made of, the good and the bad.

“Loving her is confusing, making me afraid of myself and what I can do … because I can break us both.” — Duke


My Review:

*ARC provided by Bare Naked Words for an honest review !*


We follow Skye and Duke journey’s after Skye’s assault. In the first one (Patch Up), we saw a lot of Skye but in this one it’s more about Duke. Skye decided after what happened to her to see a psychologist, we wants to move on and getting better. As she lifts back to the surface, Duke is drowning.

Is love is enough? Even all they went through, can he be strong enough for them? How can you stand being the one who failed to protect the one you love the most?


In the process of recovering, Skye sees each monday her psychologist. We was kind of conflicted as his young age and by how she felt about him. Duke is not the one who she confide in and she let instead an attractive « stranger » , knows her more than the one she loves. Instead of talking to people, she hides the fact that he is younger than expected. This connexion between her and this man kind of pissed me off, because she couldn’t talk to Duke, the first one who shows her how to connect to people, her first confidant. But it’s in her process to feel something, to be connected to someone other than Duke or her friends. I love how supportive Kate and Derek were with the two of them.

We saw Duke going through rough times, he can’t stand what Sean did to Skye and wanted her to be stronger, so he pushed Skye to talk to someone, because he can do it. We can see his pain and his inability to be the stronger one. It’s too much for him. Every time things gets hard, he walks away and pushes Skye away too.I really love how the author shows this strong man dealing with all of this. We see the fall of Duke, each time Skye’s getting better, each time he’s sinking more and more in his depression. I was hurt when he get hurt, feeling all his pain.

There are two levels on this story : the healing of Skye and the falling of Duke. When the two collide, it lead to a disastrous ending for them. Duke learn about her Doctor and everything melt: the pain, the betrayal, everything is brought to the surface, the constant anger from Duke about how secretive she was about it and can’t stand anymore to be completely pushed aside. He avoids intimacy with Skye because he doesn’t wants to be rejected by her; it will hurt him too much. All mixed up, Skye is rejecting him. Their love is too destructive for both of them and she can’t bear to see Duke unhappy because of her.
She love him so much that it hurts and she thinks that leaving is the best to move on. Her connexion to her therapist is also mixed up, he has feelings for her and i was scared for what happened next. I was so frustrated at this moment! Fortunately, things get better and Duke is fighting for Skye, thanks to his friends and family who he can rely on. Duke learn of his mistakes and can’t let go Skye, the love of his life, his soulmate.


This book is more darker than the first one and put the story to an high level of emotions, i experienced every moment with Skye and Duke, through the sadness times and the happy ones. This is the perfect ending for this amazing story about two wrecked souls destroyed by tragic events in their lives. Their journey to fix up each other goes straight to my heart and i hope that it will be for everyone who read this story! Stephanie you can be reassure, your story about Skye and Duke is great and totally blew my mind! For EVERYONE : READ THESE TWO BOOKS, and get ready for a roller coaster of emotions! It’s is a very heart-warming story: you won’t regret it!Get this book a try!I’m sure to read the third one and honored to receive this ARC!


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