Review : You Smiled – S. Jane Scheyder

One week to help her remember.
One week to make her smile.
One week to fall in love.

A romantic novella, set on the coast of Maine.

My review :

You smiled is a novella about Grace a young owner of a café and Alex a mysterious guy coming one day at her place.This books sets on a coast of Maine and i really like how the place and people were described.
The title and the blurb intrigued me :
One week to help her remember.
One week to make her smile.
One week to fall in love.

In this story, Alex came to her coffee and immediately went straight to her, as like he knew her but Grace couldn’t remembered him. As time goes by, we understand that the clock is running and Alex is trying to remember Grace to smile but so much more. Grace is struggling with a lot if things in her life : her divorce, her brother, family. She is so focused in her work that she’s not letting go and seemed avoided relationship in this town where there was more women than men. Alex is the whole package : beautiful inside and outside, charming, and very attracted especially by Grace. He flew across the country to find her. When we understand the real reason, it melt my heart; i can’t help it i’m an hopeless romantic!

In one smile, when they were younger, Alex found the courage to face his life and in one smile kind of fall in love with Grace even if she can’t recollect this moment and felt guilty about that. She overwhelmed by all of this, everything going so fast : in a couple of days, she became more and more attached to this man, who isn’t afraid by his feelings and goes for it. Their time is limited and she conflicted about him, who apparently wait for her for the past ten years without getting involved in a real relationship.

This story shows how one smile can change everything and help someone getting better. Although the story was a little bit predictable and Alex too perfect to be true, i enjoyed this story and i smiled a lot while i was reading it. This is a kind of book that you can read with a cup of tea, coffee or chocolate in the warm of your home. Perfect for the cold days! I give this book 3.5 stars because it was too short and i would see more of their relationship, i think it deserved to be more developed.

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